Summer waterproof gloves, do they exist?

I commute in all weathers. What I want is a summer waterproof glove. I don’t care if it has plastic knobbles, I don’t care much about price, I don’t care if leather or textile, I don’t care if it’s breathable!

But on somewhere like Sportsbikeshop, in the “waterproof” category, all the gloves are either thermally or fur lined.

Does such a thing exist?

much obliged

Richa wp racing …use all year round

What size are you ? As i have 2 pairs of ‘new’ but incorrect sized for me . 1 pair L and one XL
Been tried on but not used

£35 each + P&P

I have those they are great!!

I’m more of a medium unfortunately, but thanks.

so… you could have guessed! :grin:


I have a light pair of Halvarssons. Probably about 15 years old now, and only used about 30 times. Still waterproof, but I have to be very careful when taking them off, as the lining can come out a little, and it’s a big faff to get them on again, especially with damp hands. I don’t know what name/model they are, hence the photo.

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Racer Multitop 2 are bloody great. you can get them from infinity amongst others

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+1 to acemAn’s Halvarssons. An excellent lightweight, summer, waterproof glove. I had a similar pair until I bumped into Miss Bates and a Great North Air Ambulance Medic cut one off to fit a cannula.


I used a Alpinestars pair like these for a few years.

They were ok but the lining comes out on wet or humid days then they are a pain to get back on. I cut the lining out eventually.

I’ve used over gloves too but I wouldn’t recommend them. There was a lot less control.

Depending on the bike muffs are best. Can wear any glove you like and your hands stay warm and bone dry.