Summer sure brings 'em out.......

I know the summer and sunshine brings out the @rseholes, but this one takes it to a new level.

Rider in shirt and shorts, but get this. A kid no more than 5 years old on the pillion also in shirt and shorts with open face helmet - hanging on around around the rider’s waist…

Would you put your child in such a situation?

Roll on Autumn when all these morons disappear to re-attach their Optimates…

i used to sit on the front and hold onto the petrol tank at that age…but in full helmet gloves and jacket watching the speedo whizz round was great fun and why i ride bikes now

as for small kids on the back with out the gear big no in my eyes,when they can touch the pegs and hold on (pref a pillion pal/love handle things) or a top box behind for peace of mind :rolleyes: but dad should be setting a good example too

surprised the missus let them out like that then some people dont care these days eh

I always bungee strap children to the rear fender

I went out for a bimble around the block to check the chain and brake adjustments today wearing just jeans. T shirt and full face and I felt pretty vulnerable.

My kids (at 8/9 ish) used to ride pillion from time to time, but only once they could properly reach the footrests and then only when properly clad in the right gear.

There has to be a legal charge that can be brought against morons that do anything less and risk their child.

Get this man some salt N lemon :laugh:

Wooooooooow that looks fuuuuukin painfull!

i made that fatal mistake and had road rash just like that when i was 18 down both sides arms legs shoulders lower back feet and hands,felt a complete pratt…a damn lucky one at that as i was carted off to maidstone via KAA. since then i’d rather sweat my nut’s off than add too the scars i already have :pinch:

and jaime yes it fucking hurts like you dont believe…but amazingly morphine in large doses numbs the pain for a while and puts you into fit’s of uncontrollable laughter,then it wears off and the pain comes back.a month and a half of a district nurse who must have been a ex oylmpic german shot putter coming to clean and change my dressings and hopping to the loo after taking a handful of painkillers and smoking a joint to piss like a porn star because i could’nt lower one leg through the pain when the blood flow reached my foot.

wear you leathers noobies :wink: or learn the painful way and hope you get a better nurse :laugh:

I would show this picture to everyone not wearing proper gear I think that would change their minds

it probably wouldn’t, if they go out with out gear in the first place they aint gona have the brains to learn a lesson!

we get this every year (yawn) if people want to put themselves and their family at risk, it’s up to them! things will not change until the law requires full protective gear to be worn, can’t see that happening anytime soon.

Grazes can be at times way more painful than breaks etc. I feel his pain.

nah this is painfull, a friend who stupidly ‘popped’ down the road in a t-shirt and jeans, van changed lanes on him and he locked the front…

i posted these up before and on a recent thread, theres more pics and it was both arms, hands, stomach, shoulder, lower back and top of thighs and knees all badly friction burnt from sliding down the road at about 60+:pinch:

Must be cold in that room, he’s a bit nippy :smiley:

Popped down the shop at 60mph?!?! :blink:
I. An safely say that I never drove above 20 - 25mph and no overtaking. But that was along a high street only around 1/2 mile. I now live a couple minutes walk from a shop so it’s faster to walk :slight_smile:

yup, he went on to the A13 for a few mins, bikes accelerate quick we all know that, i bet you went over 25 without even knowing it.

its up to people if they want to ride in t-shirts or whatever, just thats what will happen if you come off and slide, fallen off enough mountain bikes as a kid to know it hurts a bit:D

one of my bad habits was i used to wear normal jeans all the time so no armour or kevlar, i had 2 off’s in normal jeans and now have bad knees and scars because of it, i dont wear normal jeans anymore…