summer party

Just been lookin into possibility of camping nearby for summer party. There is a campsite in Mangrove Lane about 6 miles from Coach & Horses. I’ve also made enquiries at local taxi firm as to possibility of gettin taxi to and from. Cost would be about £12 there for 4 people and approx £15 back. They also have 6 and 8 seaters available for slightly more but need to book. So bargain really and then we can have a few beers!

If anyones interested post here and i will book campsite and taxi

erm - haven’t actually bought a ticket yet!

Newbie causin havoc already!

So let me get this straight. On arrival we will be at campsite and erect tent?. Correct.

Then cab to pub. Pub to campsite. :slight_smile: Mmmm. Sounds good to me im in:D

this time rob, we’ll let you off for falling over when you leave :wink:

:smiley: haha - haven’t seen Rob fall off yet but saw an impressive wobble yesterday - you need longer legs for that bike Rob!:laugh:

So just me and Rob so far then - come on you lot - its a party right! :hehe:

Let me correct you. I did not fall off.:smiley: The bike fell over on its own:D:D:D. We had a chat and came to a understanding. That was not a wobble miss tibbs. That was a very carefully coordinated Stunt that the boys showed me on friday:D


Have you got a link to the camp site?

Hasn’t the party venue changed?