Summer is still here I see lol!

Fantastic outside hey

what a pile of aint it !!!

I need new rain gear!!!

Does that mean we can use our hosepipes !


Gotta dig-out the waterproof trousers now, bugger, and I know it sounds silly, but I didn’t really want to get my new lid wet yet!

I don’t usually mind the rain, the slippery roads and limited vision mean ya just tighten up your riding and don’t ride as casually as ya might.

I do mind it when I have panels to spray and no garage

I do mind riding normally when ya have to put on waterproofs and they offer ya no grip with your legs on the tank.

Finally, I do mind having to drive in today as panels and re-resprayed tank ain’t ready yet I hate oxford rubber tank pads.

Dunno what’s wrong with you all, I’ve just looked on the BBC website at the weather forecast and it says it’s sunny outside…

It’s not like them to get it completely wrong!!

I think I better go back to Spain for another two weeks!

Hate this Penguins island weather! lol

Rusty, surely you must know that the BBC reports have to be flipped round i.e. if they say sun, it’s rain and vice versa!!

Trying to find a short in the rear wiring is not the best thing to do in this weather, where’s the sun gone ???

Hope it arrives before I have to go to work.


Now you couldn’t be more right in it mate! BBC weather??? What a pile of S****

Just got out of bed and the rain is giving way to beautiful sunshine,luvly luvly luvly.

I mind when you can see it rotting the bike. Bottom yoke and rear shock are both rusting. You’d think they could make these things waterproof

Just looked out, it’s not quite made up its mind yet, warm enough but a bit grey.

Got to go out in a couple of hours, so hope it sorts itself out.

still fooking raining here!!! if it aint raining… we aint training!!
my arse!

Try some seaweed,i find that more accurate than the BBC

i always use the BBC weather service, but only rely on the 24 hour report, can normally set your watch by that thing, I went out for a short blast Sunday, but wanted to be home by 4pm cause the rain was due, sure enough it rained as i pulled up home

Give it a go

Spot on, Suns just come out at 7pm

Your all BIG BABIES go out and play:
When it rains RIDE
When it hot and sunny RIDE
When it cold outside wrap up warm and RIDE, clean the bike later
My baby is still nice and warm in my bedroom