Summer is officially here

Well, it’s that time of year when everyone starts to get their summer wardrobe out and you may even see the odd belly button or two…



Holy **** ive heard of your boobs dropping thats terrible,

Not sure about the trainers and socks though

Someone needs a belly bra there…

Just got these two pics in my e-mail -

Belly button jewellery competition !

Who wins ???




Goodness gratious me…

I’m speechless!!!

Apart from Baz’s second picture of coure - all the others are rank and no amount of photo shopping is gonna help…

Fat girls and their feeders

Go on, you know you want to Patrick… hahaha

I’m not impressed unless she can open that bottle.

…using her stomach

Has she actually got any pants on?

No I do not…

I didn’t say you did, I merely suggested that you might want to

You don’t know until you try…

Tried it but didn’t like it…

Oh dear, oh dear …

but those two others babes !

you lot should stop taking pictures and letting you’re mums out in public