Summer is coming

Looks like Sat,Sun & Mon are sunny and hot,at the moment anyway.

Summer might come in 300 days, no sooner.

If thats what they’re predicting… it’ll be p1ssing it down then:unsure:

From the Met Office (up to September 2):

At last there are signs of rather more ‘summery’ weather on the way for many. Southern and eastern Britain it looks like turning much drier on Sunday after overnight rain clears, with more in the way of warm sunshine lasting into next week. However, as one heads northwestwards towards Scotland and N.Ireland, it remains unsettled with spells of wet and breezy weather at times. For the rest of the period, some rain could make its way across central and southeastern Britain at times, though it should be fairly infrequent and of a light intensity with much more dry and bright weather than we have seen of late. Further towards the northwest, particularly NW.Scotland, it is likely to stay rather more unsettled with some rain, showers and stronger winds at times.

It looks hopeful for us down here in London!


Need some good old sunny English weather before flying to ‘White City’ on the 9th Sept, be nice to at least see a little bit of Proper Summer:)

Bring it on for the Bank Holiday


Yessssssssssssssss! I forgot it was the bank holiday…does the dance…WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! :smiley: You have just make my week, thank you thank you thank you :smiley:

I’m off to Cornwall on Friday so it’s going to be a superb Bank Holiday weekend and the following four days will be even better.

By the way, what you lot moaning about? I’ve been working outside for the last two and a half weeks. Only got wet once and damp once and never needed anything more than a tee shirt and jeans.

im working notting hill. Damn means all the kidie gangs an bandana crews are gona get all feisty w each other in the ot weather. Gona be a long one.