Summer Gloves

Be good to hear about what people have got/had

Just bought a pair of knox orsa

I tried on the XL and the fingers were too long, tried on the Large (I’m usually a large) and seemed ok.
Not sure about the fit now.
The additional bits of leather sewn, in the hinge, between the thumb and forefinger and across the inside of the palm opposite the knuckles are so tight its difficult to straighten fingers to touch the levers, its more than precurved, its like the leathers shrunk.
Finish is good but the tightness around the thumb and first two fingers isnt good.

For summer gloves I’d recommend Halvarssons Newman glove lost mine when the Durham Air Ambulance crew cut them off :w00t:

Must get around to ordering another pair

I have a pair of Richa Racing Gloves

I have the Knox Handroid, which I’ve found to be pretty good (though they aren’t waterproof)

i have a pair of alpinestars’ smx-2 air carbon… they are ok-is

I had Alpinestars SP2’s - I can confirm they crash well and were good in the summer prior to that :smiley:

I had a pair of Racer Summer gloves. They were pretty comfortable. The ring and little finger weren’t sewn together which didn’t bother me then but I’d look for that in a future pair of summer gloves for safety.

The first time you put your winter gloves on after riding all summer in summer gloves is an experience. It feels like riding in oven mitts.

A Summer glove sold in the UK that isn’t waterproof :ermm:

I fixed it for you

I have some RST ones I picked up cheap. they work ok.

mrs groove have a pair of knox ones she doesn’t use. I borrow them when I can :smiley:

Went back and swapped the orsas for these, far more comfortable and cheaper, means I need a gauntlet type for out of town speeds though :smiley:
Furygan TD21

I have a couple of different pairs.
My faves are Dainese Carbon Cover S-ST’s for summer riding.

They do a longer gauntlet style too, which I have but don’t wear as often.