Summer gloves

So I’m shopping around for some summer gloves as my spada predators are way too hot on sunny days.

I’ve tried on:

A* SP-X (quite awesome, needs a bit of wearing in)
A* SMX-2 (really like these too)
Racer Windy (look and feel quite good, but omg not alpinestars :P)
Rukka Sun (really ugly)

Anyone have own a pair? I quite like the alpines as they’re slightly more pricey but offer ‘better protection’ and are more airy. Should I invest a bit more and get the spx? or are the smx2 fine?

Sp2’s are wicked I’m on the third pair

Alpine Star GPX gloves…best I ever owned, wore em all winter when I rode and they are fantastic!

If your thinking spx i would personally spend that bit more and get the gpx glove like kaos has. They just offer more protection.
2 peeoples + kaos i know rate the gloves well!!!

I’ve got a pair and love them for around town but feel too thin on the palm for me to rate them for use on motorways/trackdays.

I’ve got the Aplinestars Thunder Glove, wouldn’t recommend for motorway/trackdays but nice on my commute.

I’ve got a pair of those Racer Gloves and they are pretty good, feel great on too. I think they are made of Kangaroo. Been using them for over a year and have had no issues.

Thanks for the replies guys. I’ve gone and tried on the gloves again including the GPX (couldn’t find an SP-2 although that’s less summery). GPX seems to fit the nicest of all! Despite being less airy than the SPX. I’ll give it some thought and most likely get the GPX :smiley:

I have alpinestars aluiminum gloves, very short so if your cuffs on the jacket tend to pull up a bit, they are not so good. Today i treated (couldnt really afford it ):stuck_out_tongue: to sum rukka raptor gloves, boy did they get a good testing in the rain on the way back from Essex:P


On My second pair!

How long did each pair last?

I use a pair of Hein Gericke Racing Extreme. Lots of armour and able to get them really tight round your wrists (I have slim wrists to this isn’t always easy). Plenty of armour, some ventilation, range of colours…and I got mine for £40 in the sale last summer

I have these as well and really like them - they’ve been through a year of constant use in rain, snow and hails and are starting to show their wear (but to be fair I would expect them to after so many days) … I do think they are a bit hot for those very hot summer days and they wouldn’t fair that well as summer gloves as they go too far up the arm…

have had a pair of SP2’s since I used to go on my mates bikes 3/4 years ago… just upgraded to a pair of 2011 SP1’s in white, delivered tomorrow can’t fricking wait. Went and tried them on at getgeared and they are mega comfy with a smart double fastner

I got a pair of SP1’s last week, so far so good. That double fastener is good, but annoying for short work trips.

I’m going to buy some SPXs or might treat myself to some GPXs on Sunday… my HG ones are falling apart and want something a bit cooler for the summer…

Will need to invest in some leather ones down the road as well but for the time being I think they’ll be fine :smiley:

Got a pack of perforated latex gloves, no protection from HIV and no protection on the road, not that cool on a sunny day but Hey, I look like a doctor.:stuck_out_tongue:

The ol’ “trust me I’m a doctor” line.

If it’s of any interest I’d rate Racer gloves highly - had a pair for years, crashed twice in them and they are still very solid.

Also, got a pair of Knox Biomechs on review right now which have great ventilation and apparently great protection plus fit really well. Mebbe more pricey 'tis true but so far so good. Build quality has been flagged by PJ so will be investigating that closer in due course.

Ended up getting these again in the end (only in a different colour)… :smiley:

Would have bought the SPXs but then I realised sliding down the road in them would tearm them to shreds… but miht still get them when I buy the SM :smiley: