Summer body armies

I’m currently looking for some summer armor that provides back, shoulder and arm protection.
The jacket that I’ve currently got is just too hot for the summer even with taking all the lining out and opening all the vents.

Can anyone recommend a site or store to get some from for a decent price?
All the ones I’ve looked at online seem a bit pricey


Depends what you want

Mesh type jackets usually retail around £70-130

and will still offer some form of abrasion resistance.

Armour shirts are more expensive ranging from £150+ and actually are not that cool (temp) as worn skin tight and also offer zero abrasion protection so will still need something over the top to keep all your skin in place if the worst was to happen :wink:

I was thinking something along the lines of this

But that is a bit out of my price range.

I mean what do you guys wear in this heat?
Or are you all boiling in your jackets/leathers?

Leathers, slightly open at the jacket. It’s not hot once you’re moving. Also my trousers have mesh panels…

I have a mesh style jacket, allows all the air to rush through and keeps me nice and cool, has all the armour I need, and also pockets for all the important things like phones, wallet etc.

only gets hot when filling up with petrol, but as soon as you pull away…all that sweat disappears once the air rushes through :smiley:

Dagenham market, good gear, £50 I knocked DOWN £40,:smiley:

I can recommend Thor;

dainese do a great mesh jacket and you can add good back protector in…

Though it is pricey as you would expect with everything Dainese!