summer Blues

Well you would think that we would be enjoying the weather and all going on rideouts, tis not the case, the weather is terrible and there is a deffo lack of rideouts, it would be grand to try and all get together for one rideout or event ie a bbq, it just seems a shame that time is ticking away and we arent doing anything!!

anyone with any ideas?

i vote a rideout somewhere… France was good!

BBQ your place

i think yours grim

…me too badly running out of time…
I’ll have to stop riding after August on my indian license. I hav applied for UK license, but that will take time…
I badly need a long ride before that… what about visiting some camp site in wales or lake district…???..i can even go as far as scotland…

could do a bbq at mine but its very small!!!

We could combin the two, go for a rideout to westies for a BBQ. Although, it’s probably not that far from the ace to Westies so we might have to go the long way

Funnily i have been out more this summer on my bike than i did last year

How about a ride to a large park, buy loads of throw away bbq`s to do the food and then ride home.

or u know we could actually sort sumthing out about the LB SUMMER BASH 2007!!!

exactly cristof!!! my thoughts, what on earth is happening with this? im never gonna get anytime off if this isnt sorted!