Summer Bash - Saturday Group

Hi all,

Just to let you know we’re all set for Saturday - I’ll be at the Ace from 8am for Breakfast, and then we’ll head off at around 9am - I’ll post a route as soon as I’ve thought of one!

The idea is to get down for about lunch time, grab a bite to eat - and then maybe do a short run up to Stonehenge for those that fancy it.

You don’t have to ride down with the group - hack your own way down :slight_smile: Just make sure you’re there for about 5ish when the BBQ will start.

See you all on Saturday morning!


See you tomorrow morning Matt at the Ace. I thought better of going down tonight, would make things too rushed.

Great stuff - in that case Jay can you make sure you bring the lb tabbards with you?

Also - here is the very latest weather info from a weather station just down the road from the barge inn…


____Picture 2.png

____Picture 3.png

right will see you guys tomorrow…

for those of you who want to put things in the car…

Please ask Janine nicely - she’s driving tomorrow…