Summer Bash - Final Call and Details

Hi all - I know this is General Chatter but you’re all gossips and spend you time here so…

If you’ve not done so already - then get your name down here

There’s 30 of us now - so it’s going to be a great night!

Prices are - £4 per person per night - then £6 each for the BBQ.

I’m looking for someone who can provide a sound system for the night - just something that can play lots of CDs and plug in an iPod - any takers?

You’ll find all the info you need on the thread above.


yeah i heard abbeyj is taking the car so all we need now is the ipod adapter for the car and we have ourselves a stero ststem lol


if we are going to be having a band playing why do we need a sound system

Looks like the band can’t make it now - and we didn’t get enough money :frowning:

ok then well it looks like the pub then a few crates of stella on bikes then and charlie singing, so whos cooking the bbq i hope it not me

BBQ is being done by the pub - great last time I was there - and I’ll just have to DJ myself!


so what time does the pub close and what will be be doing after that lol

drinking more i hope

im really upset i cant go

well throw a sickie or cancell what you have got and cum

i would but im off to Turkey!! i guess the positive thing is hot weather, and the beach!!!

still gutted…

i tell u what i’ll go to turkey in your stead

We don’t need a band to have a good time - appreciate the effort though, Matt. Hope their not friends of yours or anything, cos frankly I thought they were a bit insipid If you want proper music you should come to see Mike Patton at the Astoria on Monday night! ANYONE?

Looking forward to the weekend’s camping. I have something that will plug the Ipod into a car’s cassette deck if that will work - Abbey?

Rather amazingly the weather is looking fantastic!

one final thing matt is there anywhere close by you can get a breakfast?

i.e the pub or a shop nearby?

or do i need to pack my frying pan and eggs???

I believe the pub does breakfast - I will call and find out.


Okay - just talked to the pub - they don’t open till 11am - so no breakfast - but Pewsy Warf just around the corner does full english from 9am… !

I think I’ll take my own stuff and get a fry up going!


You might be interested to know that the Barge Inn is famed for being associated with crop circle chasers, as the surrounding countryside is a world-reknowned circle site.

Both the pub and circles were featured in a recent indie film - see pics below: