Summer Bash Donations

Hey Lovely People…

Please keep in mind that the Guy that did all our fact finding…(Mr Matt Cashmore)

did all this stuff and paid for it all out of his own pocket !!

The Band and all the Shenanighans also cost the fella !!!

So it would be a mark of respect and a way of saying Thank You if we remember that when a whip round is called for we will give it up large !!!

Cheers Guys n Gals I know we wont let him down !!


How should people donate? on the day? What’s the target?

Directly to Matt on the Day I think will do Cez…

Targets I dont know but Matt will let us know the costs…

Its just the extras…The Band and some overheads is all we are basically looking at.

matt might not feel comfortable taking money off people face to face! how about a collection or a jar by the bbq then hand it to him as a collective group!

Sounds good!

hello - just spotted this thread! great stuff :slight_smile:


Superb…Thank You

Hey Matt,

Pretend you didn’t see the thread, and then you can act all surprised and bashful on the day

Are you sure you don’t want to change plans and go to Snetterton instead?