Summer 2008

My restriction will be up, I’ll have a shiney new 0% Finance (that gives me a touch of wood) SV650s and I’m hitting the mean streets of the UK with a friend who’s riding over from Germany.

I’m not sure about how to post photos/pics but here’s a link to the route and a rough guide to the timings:

The milage and timings are for a guide only, but as seasoned pro’s does it all sound feasible?

day 1 13th August: Kinross camp 440 miles (8:15) Hostel?

day 2 14th August:John O’Groats camp 260 miles (6 hours)

day 3 15th: Fort William YOUTH HOSTEL 185 miles (5 hours

day 4 16th : Lake District (Windermere) camp 260 miles (6:40 hours)

day 5 17th: Snowdon camp 160 miles (4:15 hours)

day 6 18th: via Swansea to Bath HOSTEL 253 miles (6 hours)

day 7 19th: Lands End via Barnstaple and King Arthur’s Castle camp 217 miles (5:30 hours)

day 8 20th:Kingsbridge FAMILY 130miles (3:30 hours)

day 9 21st: Beaulieu via Dorset Camp 150 miles (3:30)

day 10 22nd: Orpington via Southampton, Brighton, Pevensey, Hastings, Rye 180 miles (4:30 hours)



Sounds like your gonna have great fun!

I’m assuming the numbers in brackets are how long you expect it to take you to do the miles? Are you walking (Day 3 - 185 miles in 5 hours! averaging 37mph)

Well he will be on a sv 650

What you saying

Better then that heap of junk you ride! Or that Fireblade

Well em not all sv’s do 150 like Ginger’s

Keep your mum & my bike outa this

Thats true mate

How is your mum Tel? Are you still breast feeding?

We’re avoiding motorways, it’ll be quicker, but that’s what the AA website reckons it’ll take.

no mate, she past away 10yrs ago

Now then children, stop being silly

how do ya feel…wat you like

Hey that looks fantastic fun - have a good one!


You might be a tad ambitions to do Kinross in one day via non motorway routes… Saying that I can do York in a shade under 3hours (including a pi$$/petrol/fag break) that’s M25/M11/A14/A1 & A1M, but that’s pressing on at a fair pace with lip service paid to limits…

I take it your new steed will be run in & had it’s first service before the trip?

Aye, i’ll have had it for 6 weeks or so before the trip, so will do a few long weekends to get it run in.

Yeah but he started it - goin down the mum line!

you want some bitty…

i could meet you in Barnstaple Oli, thats my old stomping ground!

Cool, you can give us a tour!

Would love to meet up with you on some section of The Lap. Will have to discuss with Mrs Spider Monkey. We likes a bit of the Lake District or mebbe the West Countree…

I’m sure Claudio would love it as well.

Dont avoid the question.

So, are you still breast feeding??