Suggestions welcome.....

Hello All,

Currently own a '56 Fireblade and commute 20 miles a day on it. Moving in the new year and my commute is increasing to 40 miles a day with a longish stretch on the M11. Don’t really want to loose the blade but I know it’s not the most economical way of travelling everyday so looking at some possibilities around the £6k mark. Originally thinking Triumph Tiger or Yamaha FZS6. Wanted a Street Triple but would like a bit of protection with a fairing. Anyway, running out of ideas so would apppreciate any suggestions you may have.


Hi mate, 6K is a lot to chuck at a commuter bike! Def go for a fairing, helps a lot on the motorway stuff. A fairly new KTM 660 or yam TDM might be two ‘out there’ options…


Cheers for the quick response.

Yeah it is isn’t it, the trade in for mine’s probably around £5 if I’m lucky so if I could walk away with change that wouldn’t be a bad thing for sure!


Yamaha FZ1 - the thou with the bikini fairing. Tasty looking bike.

FZS600 doesn’t do great fuel economy. 50mpg city, bit more on motorway but still not the cheapest…

Wow, looking to chop in the Blade… ouch… Chop it in for £5 spend £3 on decent sitty uppy like a F650 or TDM, and then you have £2 left over for a track bike ;)But if you are getting one bike for £5 you can get something very nice, depends how much ‘extra’ riding you do or want to do, weeekends/touring/2-up/trackdays etc If the extra riding is significant then that will dicate your purchase more I think, any bike can be a commuter bike at the end of the day :slight_smile:

You’d get a nice tidy TDM900 for that price. Great economy, service every 6K miles, comfortable riding position. Styling isn’t to everyone taste but a very good and capable bike.

Thanks for the tips…

I’ve decided there is more emotion in letting go of my blade than I originally thought! I know the FZ6 makes sense, as would a TDM, BMW F650 but I’m not sure I’m ready to not have a sports bike! I want a bike that I can have some fun on as well. So looking at a Triumph ST now, which seems a good compromise and I think I can get a decent version for around £6k.

Anyone recomend an ST or ran a lot of mileage on one?

Hehe that is why one of my suggestions was to have both :wink: Trackday Junkie has the ST I think, and can’t fault it, he has done a fair few miles on it as well :slight_smile: Jetstream also has good knowledge

If you Pm Trackday Junkie he should be able to tell you about big miles on a Sprint ST.

Personally I’ve just ticked over 50k miles on a BMW boxer R1100s. Not everyone’s cup of tea but a great mileater, simple to work on, totally reliable, easy to get bits, shaft drive, loves going to the Fatherland :wink: , 45-50mpg , holds its money after 3 years old, good luggage options, blah blah, should last into £150k + miles.

I would second the Yamaha FZ1

I had a naked version and it was awesome, hussled well in the twisties, perfectly capable in town and would still sit comfortably at a tonne on the motorway.

Very good riding position and well within your budget. It has the old R1 engine so has plenty of pull.

Damn i miss mine:crying:

If your commute includes city work, unless you change radically to something like an FS650 or whatever that BMW is, then I can’t see how your commute will become more economical by changing bike. MPG wont radically change and if you can control the throttle, the difference between tyre life is minimal. Servicing is all the same, more or less. A blade is nice and easy to service.

Years ago, faced with a 30 mile (round trip) commute to central London, i sat down to work out the real costs of running two bikes as opposed to the one decent bike.

Even after factoring in the accelerated depreciation on one bike, two bikes were going to cost more.

The only justifications to me for two bikes were:
If bike one was nearly new and immaculate you could keep it low mileage, nice and shiny.
Bike two could be a dog (as long as it was road worth and reliable) and be a better hack.
Bike two could be chosen for it’s very foul weather/London traffic abilities. (Think SM for that.)
You have back up if bike one lets you down/is in for a service.

But it’s your money, so your choice.