suggestions please...

I am gonna be getting a new hornet… and my problem is the weight… which is fine when you are riding not so fine in slow traffic or stopping or taking out of the garage…

what could I do to make it lighter? some suggestions would be useful…




Mate a bike lighter on a way that you will feel the difference won’t be cheap at all. You would need to change the wheels for a carbon fibre one and it would made a huge difference on the handling. Change bolts for titanium would save another kilo or so. Change plate holder, indicators, etc… all helps but not to the point it would make the bike as light as you need. I would not bother much with that and get used with the bike, to be honest

I’ve got an old BMW F650 and it’s a tall and heavy bike, I’ve had it fall away from me in the past once very publically at a petrol station.

I find it too heavy to manouver without actually sitting on the bike, as long as both feet can touch the ground I know it’s not going to fall over. Having said that a couple of weeks ago I dropped it at lights, foot slipped.

As for making it lighter, short of replacing anything that’s bolted on and metal with carbon fiber not sure there’s much you can do.


thanks - not quite what i was hoping to hear but so be it…

You could try the new helium Honda



you could always go the gym several days a week then in a coupla yrs time you’ll have no probs.



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There’s not much you can do about weight but if you try get it lowered so that you can get as much of your feet flat to the ground, that will really help. The hornets not bad on the weight front but the seat is quite wide so you could get the seat re-shaped, there’s a place I use in Harrow that can arrange that for you if you’re interested.

Also, general practice pushing the bike around with a mate on the other side will also boost your confidence, it’s a matter of balance really.

Glad there’s going to be another LB hornet owner, and a girl too!

way ahead of you… can reach the ground on it but the seat was way too uncomfortable so they are going to reshape it for me…

pushing it around is a brilliant idea - i am just so terrified i am gonna drop it… i will hate myself forever if i do that - my garage has a bit of a slope to it…

I think your do just fine with the Hornet have you took one out for a test ride?

If in doubt you could allways buy this Honda.




Do what I did and get some crash bungs and bar ends for it, just in case…the engine casings are really expensive!!

I’ve also got this method of pulling it backwards whilst on the side stand and pushing it with it slightly leaning in towards my thigh. Otherwise, I back it into parking spots so I can ride out and don’t use the side stand on dodgy cambers.

Crash bungs and bar ends have saved my Monster several times already! It’s just that bit too tall and too heavy, so if it does something unexpected, there’s a risk I’ll lose balance. Also, when you’re riding slowly and especially coming to a standstill, look carefully at the road to see which way it leans and lean the other way, so start getting used to putting both legs down.

I recently went on a BMW off road course and that was great for getting practise moving bikes around. We had to get on and off a 650GS Dakar, without using the side stand! Then walk around it whilst balancing it, holding onto the pilion grab rails or handle bars.

Fell off a few times!!!

But there were loads of 5ft nowt women there, 26" inside legs, and they all did it but it didn’t matter if you dropped it 'cos it wasn’t your bike and some of the bikes had the lower seat option and lowered forks to help.

Not sure what bike you had before, but if you are finding slow speed stuff hard heavy work perhaps a bit of practice on an Industrial estate is what you need, how hard you find things could how be down to how relaxed (or not) you are on the bike as much as physical limitations.

To make things easier to start with, if you are practicing slow speed control, go for a bit of a ride first to get the grease in the wheel bearings warmed up nicely - makes smooth slow speed control easier

also had the R&G ones put one - they very big and bright orange…

but heard that the motrax ones have a tendency to snap off… anyone ever use Harris crash bungs???

Ha Ha

Been there, done that!

That’s why crash bungs are the first thing I put on my bikes

I’ve got the DHM crash bungs which are big but look ok, the plastic is certainly more brittle than the R&G’s. I’ve had R&G ones on a previous bike and I would say are much better quality.

Here’s the DHM’s

R&Gs are big and quite heavy but definatly worth it (but them I’m biased, used to work for them) I got them on the blade now too, seen what they can save in a slow crash (with no kebs involved) and a drop.

As you know i’m short and used to ride a Hornet. Mine was fairly tricked up and alot of weight was saved.

Metmechex brased swingarm, twin devil pipes and rearsets. I also had wide renthal bars on it too.

You can only get used to it by getting out there and getting slow speed practice in a carpark as suggested or even filtering in London (best to do it in a carpark first tho) Also just spend 10 mins a day manovering it about outside your house and in the garage. Don’t worry what the neighbours think, its your bike and the sooner you get used to it the better. You don’t have to be sat on it at the time. It WILL get your muscles used to it and strengthen up. I never move my bike about while sitting on it. I have no shame whatsoever in putting stand down, getting off the bike and moving it

When I got the blade it was using completely different muscle group while riding and even moving it about due to the position and i’m still getting used to it.

R&G’s all the way, I’ve used the religiously on all my bikes, and tested them a few times, after seeing how badly other brands perform.