suggestion for events/track days etc

Im wondering if we can somehow use a template for the addition of events/track days to the boards hosting this information? If it were in a template, then it would be easier to list and search for them? This might then be developed into automatic (authorised process) addition to the calendar? If youve used Facebook to list an event, you might have a better idea of the kind of thing Im thinking of. Just that we are such a social lot but there is no consistency in the way that items are listed and they can get lost easily, which means less attendance than is possible…

any thoughts?

i was talking to one of the LB admins a couple weeks ago and brought this up… and was told its on the todo list. I was also told that there are simply too many bug fixes and feature requests, so poor Jay has to dedicate all his spare time to sorting this stuff out.

I guess the calendar improvement feature request should be given higher priority on the todo list :Whistling:

I think LB needs another techie; i would love to help but im not fluent in VB or .net