Suggestion Box

We’re always working on improving LB and have a schedule we’re working to, but I’m also always keen to listen to what the community wants, so please, if you have any sensible suggestions, please post them up here!

I’d like to see the return of the podcast, which I was enjoying.
Perhaps it could have a section/ episodes about roads in London, parking, riding tips/ suggestions and general information for riders, especially those without much road experience (relative newbs like me ;))

As per my other post, how about a sticky with money raised for LAA so far for the year? Will help us all see how well we are doing and be easier for others to get involved. I also think the fund raising side of what LB do needs to be more transparent to members-can we have an update on how much we raised by the xmas party?

The way I see it working is if members come up with ideas to raise cash-a ride where you donate a set amount to join, shaking a bucket for a few hours, auction of unwanted bike related goods and donating the cash (Next time you are working on the site perhaps a LB ebay where we donate things that get auctioned?) etc. Then we can post up how much we raised and hand the cash to Jay or a nominated person.

Just a suggestion, happy for somebody to update with a better idea:)

Did anything come from the suggestion on another thread about setting up a fundraising committee, who people could contact with ideas etc, then chat about which are viable ? Perhaps another section dedicated to this end might be possible. :slight_smile:

Yes, something came of it, we now have a Charity Council. We’re in the process of formalising it, giving it a point of contact and the like, but the first meeting has already been held and things are looking good! So more news to come on this.

Hi Jay as Im the resident numpty and cant find what Im looking for, WHO is on the charity council ? just in case I and its a long shot do come up with an idea, cheers mate :slight_smile:

Just done a ‘search’ for you Stevie…This should explain a few things :slight_smile:

Im spoilt for choice which one to wear ?



Your sig line is very apt :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I know you can subscribe to threadsd, but e-mail notification rather “bulky” way to keep up to date with thread

Another forum has a “new replies to your posts” option, which I like - makes it easy to keep up to date with threads that caught your interest, or that you started.

Whilst that exact functionality doesn’t exist within the forums, you can see this information in a round-about way by:

  • Check the option when posting to subscribe to the thread. This will send you an email when someone respond to it. You can also see the list of these subscriptions here:

  • Click on your profile (i.e. your name) and click the “show all posts for this user” link to see what you’ve contributed to lately.

We’re always pushing for new features though with the forum creators, so you never know…

probably a forum for the postings on close encounters, dangerous road experience or accidents is needed, i personally feel that reading this kind of postings makes me more aware of different road dangers, esp. my own close encounters within 3 days, which really increased my awareness a lot.

bbsmonk, we have a “Road Watch” forum already, which is also linked to the homepage so you can easily see member-reported issues. It’s used quite a lot and is quite helpful. Is this what you mean?

Can we have cream cakes on Fridays please?

how about a mobile version of the forum/website?

You’ve not been good enough, Pete.

This is something we’ve wanted for a while and is on the cards, seeing as more and more folks have N95’s, Blackberries, iPhones, etc. Same goes for the main site.

how about a biker down section by itself?

although its useful to keep eye out for bikers down incase we know them, its getting very depressing seeing soo many in general section lately, esp after recent events

Hi Jay

When I come back to the ‘recent posts’ tab on the site after doing some work (:w00t:) I sometimes find it’s timed out and I have to go back to the home page. Can anything be done about that?

Also I think you should have a health warning up- something along the lines of: ‘Beware- This website is highly addictive!’:cool: