Suggested tyres for 640SM?

Time to change the rear tyre on my 640. Always LOVED Pirellis on the R6 & R1 but have been told that the Pirellis I have on the KTM are rubbish. Anyone got any good recommendations?

Avon Azaro Pro-Xtreme Rain front and rear

or Maxxis Goldspeed intermediates

you really want grippy tyres with some sort of pronounced thread pattern

I’d go for the Capt’s choice on the front, the Avon pro-extreme front is a road legal wet and works really well. You’ll get good life outta it as well. The rears wear out REALLY quick!

I’ve usually teamed one of those up with a 090 rear (bridgestone), they warm up dead quick.

That combination was very good on my 660 KTM.

I am currently using Michelin Pilots on the berg which are good, soft and warm up quickly. When i have shagged them though i am getting these:

Mmmmmm road legal slicks

Haha, road legal race slicks, very nice, but I can imagine I’d go through those pretty quickly!

Thanks all for suggestions.

700 miles on the rear if u are lucky. you can actually see them trailing rubber behind. though their a beauty in terms of grip and softness, the cost doesn’t really justify the wear unless u were a professional sponsored rider

at nearly £190 for the set including vat p+p… i was going to get them but i gave up

Wow, they look great, don’t they? I love the tread on the last two. Would love a set for my DRZ Oh wait, it needs a repaired gearbox and supermoto wheels…

My new semi-slick front is in stock and will be fitted presently with wavey disc and sintered pads as the 6pot doesnt stop the 112kg quick enough already!! Michelin has squared off and is horrible now…Rear will follow when the Pilot Sport dies.

Or actually racing of couse.

Probably a bit late, but Avon Pro Xtreme Rain front and Pirelli Diablo rear. Perfict

Avon Av50’s are quite nice but only lasted 1400 miles on the SMC