Suggest a flip front helmet for me

The visor on my HJC i90 doesnt stay up in the wind - the ratchet groove has worn and changing the visor makes no difference. I’ve had to pack the visor with layers of tape to tighten it up. Its lasted two years.

The helmet is comfortable and I could get another but am open to better quality options.

What do you suggest?

Shark EVO range has been my go-to city and touring helmet for a few years now. Love the way it folds bakc completely so there’s no neck-tug at higher speeds.

I used to use a Schuberth for touring, but of course they’re no good at above 30mph or so, nor actually legal to use like that. Shoei is similar with their flip-up, though that is legal to use up whilst moving, but still not comfortable due to the aero-drag on your neck.

Shark have a few models, depending on budget. I use the GT model from a couple of years ago. Need to update mine actually:

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Thanks Jay, I’ll have a close look at them.

I’m very pleased with my Schuberth. I never ride with the flip front open but it makes putting the helmet on over glasses (yes, I’ve reached that age) a doddle, and flip front is very useful for petrol stations and when faffing about locking the bike.

It’s also one of the quietest lids on the market and I value that.

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I’ve got one of these and am happy with it. Has never fallen down on me.


For my two penneth forget brands, get on down IRL at a stockist and part with your hard earned on whatever offers the best fit.


Will get myself to a shop soon to try some on. This time round I’m better informed about possible quality issues. Thanks lads.

All my work Shoei neotecs were great, could wear them all day and no problem, would only wear them up when filtering at low speed really or talking to some one as scraping your chin along the tarmac doesn’t look like fun.

Wear one as my personal helmet now as found them so comfy but like others have said depends what fits your head well and not all of them are legal to be used in the up position whilst riding