Suffolk 10 May 2008

We had a family do to attend near Newmarket this weekend. Heading out of London was fine until we hit the A12/A406 roundabout. A lane closure (northbound to the A406) caused a mile-long tailback.

Clear of that, we flew up the M11 to the Bishops Stortford turnoff. Things took an immediate turn for the better. We traveled via Elsenham, Thaxted, Gt Sampford, Hempstead, Clare, Stradishall and Lidgate. On a day when London was jammed and everyone was doing their shopping, on our B-route we hardly saw another motorist. Fantastic.

If next weekend is as sunny as this one was, you should definitely get out to this area. Every plant and tree is in bloom. The rape fields (if you can stand the pungent smell – I don’t mind it) are stunning and the countryside looks fantastic.

There were quite a few sports bikes about. The roads are perfect for biking: hills and curves.

I’m sorry I didn’t stop and take a photo, but we were on a tight schedule. See it for yourself. Beautiful.