Sudans supposedly justification or mindless gratification , police flogging a helpless woman.

That’s f*cking barbaric.

once again nothing new here, what do you expect from this country? and from people in this country? culture? respect and decency?they do far worse things in somalia to little girls…i grew up and became scarred for life when i found out about things that go on in the world. adults try so hard to protect their kids from finding out about sex at an early age as it might harm them…i tell you what harmed me, this kind of ****.

basically its all about money and power, everything about this world and life is about selfish men hungry for money and power…and everyone is trying to out do one another, you very rarely find a modest soul that lives for others and just lives to help others.

those women need to over-rule those men and the government, it can be done, it’s all about numbers willing to die for the cause and guns.

Some real passion / anger there…not being patronising, but so what? So what you going to do about it? Sit behind a keyboard or actively get involved?(I developed a similar anger around the lack of development when I first came to Nigeria - and ended up changing my job and spending time with a couple of development agencies for a while)