Such skill

Saw this and had to share it.

How to make an axe.

If you want to buy one.

Autine Tools

Certainly skillfull. We had a forge in our village while I was growing up :slight_smile:

Enjoyed watching that

We touched on those skills in our High School metalwork shop in the '60’s, probably banned now under a Health & Safety banner.

nice trip, cheers :smiley:

I made a cold chisel and a knife in our schools forge room , chances of doing that now … slim I should think .

More chance of flying wotsits

I made a knife too, a popular choice not sure why. Amongst other tools iI made was a hammer of sorts and a screwdriver.

Collectively we built a hovercraft for some doctor on duty in some jungle somewhere, my part involved rivets by the hundred. Only 6th formers were allowed anywhere near the exciting stuff :angry:

6th formers were outnumbered 5-1 by 4th and 5th form so they hid in a room upstairs and did not come out or dare to get involved in much :smiley: Mostly metelwork class involved working on Gnichys Austin Princess , we were his free garage service .

I spent two weeks beating and annealing a copper ashtray mounted on a mahogany base. Simpler times.

all i was aloud to make was a rifle rack out of wood but had to tell them it was for fishing rods or they would of said no. =[

he said "wood " fnarr fnarr

interesting stuff

Only the 6th formers at my school got to use the forge too. As i never made it to 6th form, that was the end of that.

However I was pronounced a ‘natural’ at welding

We had pupils getting their fingers caught in lathes and drill presses from 1st year .I got my finger nail ripped off on the belt sander in 2nd year :w00t: Stupid bloody pepper pot .

I remember one woodworking class

One lad started work before the lesson brief was finished and Sir threw a wood chisel at him accompanied by his usual bark of ‘your not paying attention boy’. Boy retaliated with a mallet which, more by luck than judgement, missed its target too.

C&D dept teachers had the best catchphrases too . " I am not fussy how you do it , just aslong as you do it MY way . " " now take that to the sander and keep going till it is gone" , " If you lose your fingers in that thing lost property aint going to help you " .