Successfully challenging ULEZ charges, FPN's and fines

Seems that Nick Freeman (Manchester Solicitor aka Mr Loophole) and Noel Wilcox (Hertfordshire Scaffold Company CEO) have successfully had LEZ and ULEZ charges, PFN’s and fines over tuned in the Courts. Their cases being based on inadequate signage, anyone having paid a charge or received/paid a PPN or received/paid a fine is encouraged to appeal.

The Blackbelt Barrister explains it here.

I have to say I agree with him. The signage should clearly explain a fine will be payable if your vehicle doesn’t comply. Otherwise it is just a pretty green sign.

Id disagree.
we have too much signage as it is, so most of it is ignored by many drivers, and then it becomes usless.
What would make sense is to make standardized policies and symbols. We have the C for toll roads, and need an equivalent for ULEZ and other similar schemes. This which would also need 0standardization, so if you’re compliant in London you also are in Birmingham, and one autopay etc

The point is the signage needs to be correct to be enforceable and the LEZ and ULEZ signage has been shown to be incorrect and therefore unenforceable.

I get that and I’m all in favour of removing clutter where we can.

I’m in favour of the ULEZ but I can see the First Tier Tribunal’s point, the signage should warn there is a fine for not complying. It doesn’t need an extra sign, it needs better wording on the existing signs.

The world and his wife see ULEZ as 24/7 daylight robbery and you’re in favour of it!

Well it’s not the world and his wife :rofl:

Only 6% of vehicles in Outer London are non-compliant, it’s a very small minority making a lot of noise.

I had to sell my beloved 748 because I live in the original zone - and I’m still in favour of it. Children’s lungs are more important.


Wake up! You’ve swallowed the hype hook, line and sinker, the ULEZ agenda has been revenue stream ever since the 2021 expansion.

The air quality doesn’t look as bad as TfL would have us believe.

Stop this Khanage, challenge any charges, PFN’s or fines now!

this is a rare occasion indeed, where I need to agree with NT.

there are several publications now showing the ULEZ has not impacted in air quality since its implementation, furthermore has not helped to significantly reduce pollution related diseases as it claims. The major of London and TFL have obviously ignored these reports and gone ahead on the money making scheme of course, which this is nothing else but. Very few people can afford London nowadays and this is only impacting on the lower earners.

My lungs are important too.

The road between me and the park I enjoy jogging around runs parallel to the NCR. Prior to ULEZ, whenever the NCR got jammed up, that road would be the alternative route for many cars and I could hardly breath to get from my house to the park. Since ULEZ, while it remains an alternative to the NCR, my lungs tell me the quality of the air is much improved. So I don’t really care how much ‘evidence’ there is that ULEZ doesn’t make much difference, my body tells me otherwise.

And I’m afraid I think the argument about it being a revenue stream is a bit irrelevant. If it is removed as a revenue stream, what do you think they will do? Roll over? No, they will get their money another way.

While we are on finance, why is it Khan’s fault? Wasn’t bringing in ULEZ a condition of funding imposed by the government?


It was originally proposed by one Boris Johnson and insisted upon by Grant Shapps as part of the post covid funding package.

If I was cynical I might think that Shapps was less concerned about lungs and more deviously concerned with getting an opposition politician to carry the political blame.

When it comes to it being a “money making scheme”, every penny generated from it (if any) is being ploughed back into public transport.

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If you start playing about with the buttons on the waqi map, it ain’t so rosy.

If Khan is being selective about his use of information, the ULEZ opponents are just as bad - but my lungs don’t lie.

Does a no right turn sign also need a notice that there’s consequences for ignoring it?
It should use standard symbols, so a red circle with a pulluting vehicle in, or similar, but the whole point of using symbols is to not need text that won’t be read


True, dat.

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When I passed my test that was part of the highway code. Don’t think ULEZ existed back then.

it possibly didnt, but the highway code isnt a fixed thing, it can be (and is) updated, and as responsible motorists it is our duty to keep up to date on that.

If London followed the clean air zone system used in many cities in England, it would have the same signage and lead to less confusion. Im not too sure why TFL are not doing this, i assume they want their own standard to be set.

The CAZ signage is better than the LEZ and ULEZ signage but could have been even better in that it differentiates between vehicle types by alphanumerics where:

A = Euro 6 buses, coaches, diesel taxis & private hire vehicles. Euro 4 petrol taxis & private hire vehicles;
B = All of the above plus Euro VI heavy goods vehicles;
C = All of the above plus Euro 6 diesel light goods vehicles and Euro 4 petrol light goods vehicles;
D = All of the above plus Euro 6 diesel cars, Euro 4 petrol cars and Euro 3 motorcycles.

Why didn’t they use an array of icons representing a bus, lorry, van, car and motorcycle similar to the bus lane signage?

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