Sub Ohm Vaping

Anyone on here ‘Sub Ohming’???

I got a Sub Ohm tank for my Cool Fire 4 Mod Box and the difference is unreal!! I only Vape for the flavour rather than the Nicotine hit and the Sub Ohm tank changes the way my Vaping tastes completely, my juice tastes amazing, i can really taste the flavours and the Vapor Cloud is HUUUGE!!! I would highly recomend changing to sub Ohm from the usual Tanks for anyone considering it.

The only draw back is my battery isn’t lasting very long and i am going through Juice like no tomorrrow!! But this could be cos its new and i’m having fun with the Cloud!! :slight_smile: Once i start vaping properly on it and using it when needed rather than all the time it may last longer.

Been vaping on and offs for a couple of years. Started off like most with the ego style batteries/atomisers . 

Have had various set ups since, temperature control etc…currently got SX mini M class and aspire triton tank -36watts and 100vg for big clouds! Don’t get on too well with high pg juices.

Batteries get burnt through and juice visibly depletes when your sub ohming - I can go through 20-30 ml of juice a day when I m puffing away!  

Right so what kit do I need, explain as you would to a 7 year old

Its basically the big battery that has a minimum of 30w adjustable power and a tank with a coil of less than 1ohm

@national treasure - if you re starting out get a Istick 50w - £25 ish and aspire Atlantis 2 tank - £25 quid . just have a read up on sub ohming and battery/coil combos so you don’t blow yourself up, unlikely with all the safety features built
Into batteries these days tbh.

Only lated 3 months on vaping…after that I permanently quit.

Don’t fall into the trap of substituting one bad habit for a slightly lesser one… use vaping to come off cigarettes, not as a healthy smoke.

Thanks Firo, that I understood. Fair point Serrisan I quit with Zyban, admittedly the Zyban nearly quit me too. I was thinking of something for her indoors, she’s tried most things from Acupuncture to Zyban and a whole load of other stuff in between. May be I should just let her decide and take her time at it.

Sub Ohm Vaping doesn’t give the Hit to the throat like smoking does, it goes straight to your lungs and gives a more intense flavour, if you like the Throaty hit then normal vaping is better

Throat hit is purely down to nicotine level and the propylene glycerine (PG) content of the liquid you are using…Vegatable glycerine (VG) is what creates the vape , Pg is generally the flavour carrier. Higher PG liquids will give you that ‘hit’ at the back of the throat but generally create less ‘clouds’

Most liquids are a combination of PG/VG in varying ratios. Then you get the gourmet liquids that push the price up but can be made in whatever ratios you want.

So in my instance I have a Pg intolerance so I keep my liquids around 80vg / 20pg.
PG intolerance is more common that VG but that’s trial and error, most people are OK. Vaping dries out the body and can dehydrate you as PG is a powerful humectant which means it’s dries out the mouth so water intake needs to be upped. PG is however a thinner liquid than VG so easier to work with and less likely to gunk up your tanks/coils etc. Distilled water is generally used to thin out thicker liquid.

You can use any vaping device sub ohm or not like a cigarette - i.e draw into the mouth and then breathe into the lungs. Generally you need tanks with good airflow to inhale straight to the lungs, that’s why a lot of people direct lung inhale on sub ohm tanks.

Better flavour from sub ohm tanks/batteries come from more efficient burning process, different flavours taste different at different wattages/voltages, I can pick up nuiances in liquid flavour at differing wattages. Some I don’t like at 20watts but are more pronounced at 30watts for example. 

@national treasure - inform your missus of the choices and let her make up her mind, she might try vaping and take to it- forcing something on her , will likely not work- that doesn’t mean you can’t go buy her a starter kit - 20/30quid and see if she ll give it a try. Depending on how much she smokes - will depend on appropriate nicotine level of juice. If you need any suggestionsI ll post up a few links :+1:

Count me in. Been vaping for nearly a year now and hadn’t a single cigarette since. Got Sigelei Mini box mod, Lemo 2 tank, Subtank mini. Few more goodies are on the way from far east. 

Sam, subohming will drain your battery quicker, just get some spare and a proper charger. It will go through juice quicker as well, but I mix my own, so no big deal for me.

Edit: looks like Cool Fire 4 has built in battery. Get a proper mod then :D 

I will highly reccomend the subtank kit that kangertech sell for a first mod, comes with a 1.8 and a 0.5 ohm coil, it’s 55 quid all in in some brick and mortar vape shops, also if you google ‘getvape juice box’ it’s one of the best places to get liquids

Currently I am using a uwell crown tank, coils are amaze, I have a subtank mini with a rebuildable deck I have been making my own coils for, a lot of fun but I’m still learning and get leaks, I’m saving for a temperature controlled mod, and recently have been vaping on element, garage vape co and Cali steam co liquids. Sub ohming has got me off nicotine for the last month, and saved me about £200 in fags so far in total (including all the kit I’ve bought)

If someone is not in a rush (delivery takes few weeks), I recommend using It’s a chinese website, so make sure you look for “Authentic” word in the title.

Prices are much lower, i.e. Kanger Subox Mini kit is around £35.

@skumlordvince - which one are you getting? I’ve ordered Evic VTC mini and some Stainless Steal wire. It was around £27 from China.

Nails let me m ow how it is mate :slight_smile: I’m looking for 70-100 watt stuff

I’ve got the Kabgertech subbox mini and that ships with a 0.5 Ohm coil but i found that much too intense, using the 1.5 Ohm vertical coil now which is great - plenty of vapour. Good point about switching one bad habit for another though, you’re still addicted to nicotone at the end of the day. It’s not as bad as fags but vaping still gives me a cough after a day or 2 so I try to only take it on nights out when I know I’ll want to smoke

I would say, lowering nicotine consumption to 0%, now I’m just using the vaping for fun, and go get rid of the sort of left over habit of smoking something.