D’oh am i stupid or what…(don’t answer that:hehe measured up my stereo and tv then measured up the alcove next to my chimney breast in the front room designed and built a lovely shelve unit all fitted together so well (shouldve known somat would go wrong!!)tv fitted perfect…However the stereo won’t go in!! STUPID WOMAN i did’nt allow for all the wiring at the back and because its a kenwood set up its all seperates so having them all set up the wiring is’nt long enough either!

So i have a dilema…either swap the set up for another stereo(anyone want to swap?) Or is there anyone here who can help with wiring up a stereo(i.e extend the length of wires?)


Sounds like a good job, just gone a bit wrong - not to worry

Fixing extensions to your existing wires is quite easy, just need to know what type of extra wiring/cabling you need, then obtain, then splice into existing wiring/cabling.

Happy to help - pm me.


Oi…lol u men love us women… Killer i would have absolutely no clue as to what the wiring is! i had to get my stepson to wire it up orignaly cos i don’t no what wire goes where! its a STEREO and its to complicated for me…I am a woman…i sew for a living god dammit

Careful, not all women cant do all that technical guff.

I can fit speakers, work on engines, eat curry, drink beer and not worry what I looked like at the end of it. Not that I’m a big ugly butch bird. I’m just technically advanced.

wire speeakers??? fix engines??? ur mistaken jo…


iv got an electrition!!(christof)but i will have a go at anything else!!! just nowt thats electric!!!

if im allowed that is!! !!!

I can do those things christof, you just do it for me.

And anyway, i prefer to do it myself, cos then you know exactly whats been done and you’ve done it yourself. And its cheaper!

This is the first time I have seen a woman, openly admit, that, she needs an extention for an electrical device that entertains her!!!

On a serious note, the interconnectiong cables… do they have two round sockets on the back of each devise and a plethora of them on the amplifier (the one you turn the volume up…(If this is the case, any Hi-Fi shop will sell longer cables)


If there are oblong connectors with a flat multi-cable connecting the equipment, then this my dear is when you will have fun…as the only way to extend these is to cut them and add cable!!!

TDM you got it in one! the stereo has the oblong connectors you wrote about!!

Think i’ll jsut get rid of the stereo

No seriously anyone want to swap stereos this seperates malarcy aint for me…to many wires

Just get a kiddies boom box… much easier