Stupid stupid stupid

OMG!! my hair just stood up (title of the clip as well)

OMG!!! I doubt any1 in the car survived that :crying:

Oh god that’s awful…

That is terrible…I feel a little sick now.

That was certainly a big hit. Deffo not a lot of chance if that had been a bike that got shunted.

ouch…wonder how many killed in that one…

How terrible, all those people :crying:

OMG! I don’t even want to think about what happend to these people!

I dont think the lorry driver or the people in the car it hit would have known anything.I saw one a few years ago first hand,it was a lot slower than that but almost identical and the driver and people in the car in front were killed instantly.Not being gruesome but they were squashed to a pulp,the car was about 3ft long and the lorry cab was about 2ft…no chance.


Oh Sh** That was a bad one i feel sorry for anyone in there

Dam that was ugly. But how lucky was that car that decided to pull out just before the truck came in - it could’ve easily stayed in there as well.

I’ve seen such an accident on M40 two years ago. A lorry squashed 7 other cars:(

I try not to stay in front of lorries. You never know whether they remember to brake before the sliproad or not…