Stupid, stupid, stupid

Have a steaming cold and been laid up in bed for the last few days. Made myself believe that work would grind to a halt without me so got up and left home at eight feeling like kak. Was persuading myself that I would go in, do a couple of hours and go back to bed. What a prat.

Riding in I was taking it slowly as feeling kak and felt rubbish. Got to the Elephant and Castle and was cut up by a T**t in a council van, red mist time. Rode off and hammered it round a sharp right hander where I like to do my daily supermoto impression…exept this time I should have known that due to the cold and the red mist I would welly it. What a prat, back end came out, caught it and then it all went Pete Tong!

Bike is OK, handle bars are a bit manked, mirror is gone but thank God for fork bobbins and handlebar protectors. Helmet is toast and my back is a tad sore.

Lesson to self, if I feel ill I am ill. B******s to all this man flu piss taking, stay in bed. Lesson 2: dont ride like a prat.

pleased you’re OK and not too badly hurt. Stay in bed and get better!

I was nearly taken out by an idiot in a silver mercedes this morning literally 10 yards from my office, he was changing lanes and didn’t indicate, look or anything, just pulled out. He got an earful from me!

Feel sorry for you mate. The elephant and castle is not a place to go nuts. Used to come in that way everyday and there is quite often diesel about. If its not that, its w*&^%rs that make you see red.

Hope you get all fixed up and the bike as well soon.

Bugger. Poor luck fella.

Thanks Guys, being cut up was a pain but this was my own stupid fault for being a prat. Just not sure what I am going to tell the missus who has said if I fall off again I am getting rid of the bike. Damb, forget to put my foot down at the light!!!

Whoops, bad luck fella Red Mist is a right bugger, I know! Glad you had your gear on. Care to share snaps to enlighten others?

Had all the gear on Jay, always do. Snaps to follow although the one of me sitting at my desk with a pained look on my face is deleted. Not much damage to see on the DRZ, thank God for dirt bikes hey!!! They bounce but I didnt.

Glad yer Ok fella - for the wife how’s about someone knocked it over whilst parked and you fell over trying to pick it up!!!

Hey mate glad your ok.

Riding the bike when ill isnt easy at all it makes you realise how much of a physical activity it is when you feel like sh1t. Red mist we have all doen it before and its easily done dont to be harsh on yourself mate.

oh no London

are u ok - u need anything?

a med lemon

dude stay in bed!!!

ahh they drive crazy south of the river…

loyalty dont pay when it comes to work, and the place wont grind to a halt just cause ur off a few days


Sorry to hear about that and hope your bruises heal soon.

I think that the official story is that you agreed to let an acquaintance have a go on your bike at lunchtime, but he didn’t have leathers or a crash helmet so you lent him yours. Then he only went and binned it. The bike’s not too bad, but look what he did to my crash hemlet. He said he’d pay for the damage, but that’s not the point. Rant, rant, rant, rant, rant…

Hope this helps

Ouch, soz to hear that and as already said; everyone sees the mist now and then.
Oh and yes, work will keep rolling on if your not there.
Speedy recovery to yourself and the bike

Sorry to hear this mate.

Glad you’re able to write and tell us what happened though and it wasn’t any worse !!

Good luck with the missus !

I really hate it when i turn on and see this sort of thing happening? Sorry to hear that you let your job rule your common sense, and just sod it and stayed at home today !! Guess its the way we are programmed with work, that it will grind to a halt, or that they will not be able to manage if u are not in…

Hope you get over the flu and over your “****e i wish id stayed in bed” syndrome…glad you are ok apart from peed off a tad !

Back in the world of the living. Spent a LOT of time this weekend lying down and being a complete wimp. Back has been killing me. Had a look at my leathers and I took the brunt of my not inconciderable weight on my right shoulder which explains why I was in such agony. Spent the weekend walking around like a 90 year old and trying to avoid sneezing (agony personified) until I let out a massive sneeze this afternoon and hear a number of massive clicks in my back and Hey Presto, pain is almost gone.

Thanks for your support and messages although I still feel like a prat, I didnt know you could highside a DRZ!!