stupid indicator question

I need a indicator but i don’t know it is a right or left I need.

if I am looking at the bike from the front, I need the one that on my left hand side, so does it mean i shall order a left hand side one? and of of course if I set on the bike it will be it will on my right hand side, so basically it is the one I need to indicate to turn right when I am riding.

I am confuse???

Please help

it will be the right one.

Off side = righthand side.

Do you actually need to know whether it’s left or right side though? I learned the slightly embarrassing way at the parts department at my local dealership that near and off side indicators for my bike interchangeable :blush: Hope that doesn’t happen to you!


Bikes, cars, boats, trains, planes and interstellar spacecraft it matters not

Left, right, port, starboard, nearside, offside, up and down are always as viewed from the operators perspective when sitting in the pilots seat and looking forward :wink:

Indicators are straight forward since you use the left one to turn left and the right one to turn right :ermm:

Note nearside & offside although a British term are dependant on which country you’re in and what side of the road they drive on.

What about a pump trolley? :Whistling:

There’s always one :wink:

also some are interchangeable but some are not so don’t chance that.