Stupid exercise

Started simple. A new tyre required.

Couldn’t buy just a tyre but found a bargain price wheel and tyre so snapped that up. Just as well as the old wheel was very rusted and near the end of it’s life.

When I got home I realised there was a different wheel/axle arrangement but with the aid of the disk cutter I soon had the old axle out, though I did have to disk off the fixing nuts to get the old axle bearing blocks off.

Right A quick axle re grind and I’ve now got a good fit between the wheel and the axle but a float problem. No major issue. A measure up and cut some sleeves to suit. Sorted.

The local hardware store had no replacement bolts to to suit the axle bearing blocks so it was a case of buying some studding and nuts and making my own. With luck I had the plain and spring washers to suit in stock. In stainless steel too.

A quick trial assembly and I realise that the axle bearings are shot. O.K. Made some bushes to sleeves them down and got a near perfect fit first time. (There is a small god somewhere.)

Lots of good, new Castrol MS3 grease on all the running parts, copper grease on all the fixings and final assembly. (I did wonder about torque wrench settings on the bearing carriers but decided a good guess was O.K.

Tried the whole assembly out and it’s great. Tracks true, corners as it should and is whisper quiet.

£14 and two hours + work later, I now have a perfect working order, rusty as heck, builders wheel barrow.

Kept you off the streets and out of the pub for a bit. Sounds like you had fun too.

Would have been cheaper to go to the pub.

Your right, I did have fun, and that’s the bit I don’t understand.

O.K. It all worked out with no real problems, but so what? An almost futile exercise on a friggin wheelbarrow.

I like how you work! Recycle, reuse and have fun doing it. Could have had a couple of beers in the workshop though…

If it’s a builders wheel barrow it should squeak

That way the foreman knows how fast you’re working :smiley:

obviously woulda been waaayyyyyy to hard to buy a new one?!

even comes with accessories!!! lol

psml :w00t:

even bought my son one :smiley:

I may just rush out and get one. Clean up the mess from the Dyson :smiley:


You may have missed the trick here.

This one is for the wife when the skip comes next week.

You don’t think I’m moving 6 yards of builders waste solo do you?

As for the Bob-the-Builder barrow. You worked out how many journies 6 yards are going to take in one of those?

Beers in workshop? Heaven forfend. Alcohol and power tools don’t mix. After you’ve finished with the power tools and are basking in your self staisfaction however…

Pink job or blue?

Hauling the sh*t = Mauve job.

This has been an equal ops. house for the last 35 years.

Except for childbirth, breast feeding, ironing, most of the cooking, wallpapering and painting. All pink jobs.

But I don’t ask her to fix her own barrow, do I? That’s a blue job.

Assert your authority, what colour are the handles?

Her choise. Thjer has to be equality in a marriage doesn’t there.

I quite agree. :smiley: You equally assign the job colour :stuck_out_tongue:

"Assert your authority, what colour are the handles?"

Now gaffer tape silver.

Mrs. O said something on the lines of “whatever” when I asked.

I don’t think she has quite taken ownership of this project yet.

Is she Prince2 qualified??

No. just lives in the real world.