stupid black cabs

why is it these people never ever actually use their mirrors and will just do a u turn whereever they like, then get p*issed off when u swear at them or do much worse than swear.


They drive too many hours and are more at risk to make a huge mistake like that! Does not expplane or justify though

Or nick their cab-keys

or just pull out into your lane, i hate them vith a vengance

By the way cheers charly for the mystery tour and then leaving us are we too slow for you or something lol, glad i knew my way from scrubs lane area, but then you must have been to slow we were at the traffic liights when you went across. WHAT HAPPENED MATE?

see you all next week at cubana

ride safe

hope you all got home safely

I think I just crapped myself laughing Charly…never mind the slippers

There’s more reasons to dislike Black Cabs…

You’ll see it as soon as you follow one home…

Despite them lamenting that there’s no money in cabbing and mini cabs are taking all their trade and people want a service for free (and sorry mate I don’t go south of the River / see you/ accept that you as a motorcyclist have any right to be on the road) they’ll be living in big houses in the best areas with a couple of motors on the driveway (a sweeping generalisation I know but so what…)!


To get the Green (or yellow badge) they would have spent the best part of a few years on a Honda C90 and more than likely have got knocked off a fair amount of times SO how is that upon getting the badge they turn in Bike Seeking Missles?

It’s not as it they have bad eye sight as they can spot a fair from 500 metres in the dark when its raining on the otherside of the road - unless they are going home and then they can tell where you want to go before you ask them so they don’t even bother stopping.


oh cheers i drive a cab!

Some of the black cabs are [email protected] for the way they drive thinking they are kings of the road and we have to always wait for them. The real funny part of this is that a black cab driver spends a couple of years riding a bike around London and once off it they never seem to be able to see one?

well it works both ways mate, some bikers are [email protected] as well, specially the ones who dont ride all year round, they only bring their bikes out in the summer and treat the road like a race track then die mid summer!!!

thats ok thought you were up to something as soon as you turned left at the roundabout you didn’t lose me, I knew the way from where we lost you it was fun though,

Better still…next time your in a cab …shit in it!

I agree with this and know there are some people on bikes that I wish would get a bus pass! I know black cab drivers number in thousands and all it takes is a couple to be seen to drive in a bad way for this type of topic to start.

Yeah just takes a few bad apples…

But the fact you Public Enemy are a cabbie using this site means more importantly that like all of us here you are a Biker FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD!

To be honest, being a good driver/rider/whatever on the road does not get you where you want to go in London.

Live in london, play by the street rules!