Stupid biker !

Well, today … on my way to Hackney, as I got off the A13, and was going down that road, don’t know what it’s called … but the 2 lane road, left off to Blackwall Tunnell, or right to go A12 … ?

Anyway … traffic both lanes, me filtering through middle … 15 - 20 miles an hour … avoiding the twats who want to jump into the Blackwall Tunnell lane at the last minute … so idiot on a 125 or 250 … whatever it was … decides he wants to undertake me … whilst i’m filtering !!! WTF!!!

Met him at the lights, and gave him a piece of my mind, and told him he should be more considerate, and should learn to ride properly.

He didn’t reply, and looked rather scared … oh well least he’ll learn for next time !!

Argghhhhhhhhhhh !

OK, I feel better now

nice one !!! they have to be put in there place !!! glad u gave him a bit of ur mind!!!
id be flipping boverd if that happend to me to!!!

He was probably AMAZED to see a bowl of custard on wheels and wanted to keep up to check he had actually witnessed it

i was thinking more in the lines of flower power!! but i love yellow bikes as ours is yellow and black!!
i think there unique!!

Unique ??

You have Posted within a Thread started by a Bloke with a Yellow and Black Bike saying you Love Yellow Bikes and that yours is Yellow and Black and you think they are Unique ??


Is that a Ginarism ?

whats all this OUR’s crap!!! haha

yes barro its a ginaism they just happen and i cant control em!!!

Didnt you know that whats yours is ‘ours’ and whats hers is her own, havent you learnt that yet!

dont encourage her joolz!!!

I thought it was whats his is mine and whats mine is mine