stupid bike!

ok, anyone i spoke to at cubana other night know i have one or two ‘problems’ with my bike at mo…

also found out my indicators aint working properly (Barro suggested the battery might be a bit flat?) they seem to be very very faint with engine off, and get brighter with it started, but flicker…

now, just realised this morning, my brake light dont come on when i press front brake lever!!

it works with back, and i checked the connector blocks for the wires that go up to the lever, but still nothing!

all this, and i need it mot’d by 30th!!!

Your brake light works with the back brake lever (but no rear caliper) take it in and ask them to fix enough to pass the MOT

its more the front im worried bout now, like i said it works with rear so its not the bulb or anything, b ut the connection at the front lever seems alright

Spray some WD40 in it, and keep pulling and re-leaseing the lever - mine done that on my old RS it was just grease/dirt build up stopping the connection properly!

its gona be a long night later… (no ace either! )

actually, im just thinking, i had wired in the headlight bulb so that both them came on (the single headlight bulb is crap) and im wondering now having 2 the dipped beamed on all the time when the bike was only really designed for the one, combined with the short trip to work and not getting up to any speed, could that be making the battery go flat?

never had any problem starting it though

Yep, clean all your connectors as described. If that doesn’t solve the problem, sounds like your reg might be on the way out. If you have a manual and a voltage meter you can check it, or if you have access to someone with the same bike, try a swap (of the reg, not bike… ) and see if the problem goes away.

How old is your battery? If it isn’t too old, then the charging system might be at fault (which includes the reg btw). Again, this and the whole charging system can be checked with a manual and voltage meter.

I am no auto electrician and would suggest that it sounds like a bad earth.

whereabouts is the earth?

would it be under tank?

3rd rock from the sun

ill have to give it a good going over later…

the battery might actually be as old as the bike itself, (98!!)

but im completely potless at the moment, till i get paid next week

If someone near you has an Optimate, the battery might be saved.

alright then, anyone in walthamstow area?