Stupid ad placement

Story here -

Unfortunate, but all too easy with keyword-based ad placement.

Maybe a good idea as some of the people interested in looking over the story would be gang people and would be interested in the HD.

Now if it was an ad for a Rover car then that would be a different story

I work about 100 yards from Warr’s. I’m in two minds about whether to bring this up.
Possible out comes:
Righteous indignation.
A proper kick in the tender bits.

I’ll leave it I think.

the wording on the ad seems a bit insensitive.

for sure

my thoughts precisely.


You are having a laugh? For Gods sake how many gang members do you think could spell the word insenitive? Or are you saying, you feel hurt by the wording in the ad?

IMO, most owners of HD’s will not be meeting at the Ace on Friday to have nice warm cup of tea while chating about what was on TV that week and why someone should be kicked off Big Brother for hurting the feelings of someone else on the show. They will be at the pub smashing the pi$$, giving it large and maybe even getting into a little bit of trouble.

This guy was a gang member and patched at that. You don’t get a patch from them because you have a PayPal account!

IMO, one less patched gang member is a result!

I’m sorry to all that find my words hurtful but I’ve had dealings with gang members and have NO time for them!

not always true my dad was at a hells angle pub a few years back now and some one pulled up on a ninja in shorts flipflops and a t-shirt and one of the big burly hells angles looked at him the looked at my dad and said what a F**King idiot lol now you tell me thats all gangs are bad

I have a paypal account, how do I apply for my gang membership

I don’t know the details so would rather not comment on the guy who was shot but I am pretty sure people close to him realise that the ad wasn’t placed there intentionally?

My Father and uncles were all gang members and very high up with them. Spent the first 14 years of my life with those sorts of people around and I stand by what I said. The less patched gang members around the better.

Maybe the patched gang members over here are different? Maybe times have changed and you can now buy your patch? Maybe I’m all wrong here and patched members are nice people who have flowers in their hair and go around trying to make people feel loved?