Stunts that go wrong

The life of a stunt rider who chooses to stunt in car parks and on the street. Can end up like this but no by standers we’re hurt by the look of things this time. We all love stunts but right place right time. AND BEFORE ANY ONE PIPES UP I’M NOT POINTING FINGERS … JUST TAKE CARE ALL OF YOU OUT THERE …

luckilly, we aint as stupid as to stand that close!!! apart from the crowds at the ace!! good find though!!

stunting is dangerous and sumtimes people do get hurt. the people up the ace two weeks ago where getting in the road making it narrow just to get a better view of the stunting.they new the risks and if the y didnt theres sumthing wrong with them.


you wanna see idiots and stunting…

YouTube - type in Egyptian Arabic and Drifting

MORONS! Funny enough til you see a car doing 130 sideways ploughing htrough crowds of by-standers too dumb to get out of the way