Stunting in Traffic?! VS Old gits who don't have a clue about riding a bike

I have seen just as many accidents with old f*ckers that had a 250cc when they were young and go out and buy a brand new 1000cc (which they might only ride once a month - unlike the stunters which ride 24/7 for practice sun, run and snow ) thinking they know exactly how to ride it then loose it on the first corner and throw it at pedestrians or an oncoming car.

It has been in the papers and in bike magazines for ages, so why not turn you attention to them.

Stunters generally know the bike inside out and have much more control unless one of you twats watching outside ACE that jumps

into the middle of the road causing a prang.

you got it in 1 man we live on our bike not like most of the rest of em.

heres a clip for you guyz.

good wasn’t it…

TIme to go to wheelie school

i feel deeply inadequate…

awesome clip 444!!

mini-mo, mate i’m seriously tempted…£150 on group bookings at Bovingdon (nearish Watford/Hemel)

I’m thinking that our italian ladies wouldn’t take too kindly to tarmac kissing so best learn on a rigged bike…

I did a wheelie school, but it was only a couple of months after I passed my test and I wasn’t really ready for it. Would seriously think about doing it again though, although I’d like to know how much time/tuition you get. I have heared stories of 4 or 5 riders to 1 bike, that’s a lot of standing around…

Defo game. When are you thinking?

And yes you’re right, she doesn’t like to dirty her Guccis

WOW! Very very cool vid!

Yeah … wicked vid … love it!!

I’m up for doin’ wheelie school.

Tim … I think the old fvckers you refer to are “born-again-bikers”!!

Jelster = ‘I have heared stories of 4 or 5 riders to 1 bike, that’s a lot of standing around…’

This question just got asked on VD. Here’s the answer:

Is there anything to stop one rider flipping a wheelie into an oncoming rider, such as a barrier that seperates the two lanes?


Instead only one rider is allowed to wheelie at a time (with only two pupils on bikes at any one time). This is for safety reasons (after all, if someone’s learning to do something this dangerous it would be incredibly stupid to not take precautions to try and minimise those dangers - and having two people learning to wheelie heading towards each other sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Not just because of a flip, but far more likely because of landing a wheelie hard after making a mistake, and going into a tank slapper. If that happened, for example, the last thing you’d want is for another novice wheelieing towards you. And sod’s law dictates that if the only thing to hit is that other rider, that’s exactly what will happen, even if they’re quarter of a mile away ); because a rider can make a mistake that’s so serious that, assuming they get away with it that time, they won’t get away with again if they make that same mistake again. And if no one’s there to both see them make that mistake and stop them, to not only explain what they did wrong but why they did it and how to not do it again, then you suddenly have both a very serious safety problem, but also a rider who’s not learning to wheelie, but is learning how to kill themself. If only one person is wheelieing at a time, then the instructor (or two instructors at Paul’s school) can spot every single mistake and rectify that mistake before it becomes a problem or before the pupil looses half the day doing something wrong

Also, Paul’s found that people learn a hell of a lot from watching other people practise as they can then see precisely the same mistakes, or indeed victories, that they’ve made being made by the other pupils, and then why they were given the advice they were by the instructors - plus, it’s so stressful that you absolutely must make sure you never get tense on the bike, and that means not spending too much time on the machine. And finally, because it’s very easy to spend far too much time on the bike and learn nothing but what not to do. If you’ve never done something before, how does your brain know what it should and shouldn’t do? If you do the correct technique for the first three attempts and then something completely wrong for the next ten minutes, which information do you think your brain will remember?

Paul generally has two instructors working at all times so that every single run every single pupil does is watched and analysed by at least one instructor

Paul’s days probably are less time on the bike (compared to Jimmy Fireblade’s school), but it sounds like they’re a lot more intensive instructionally

Paul is Pual Gower from, the school at Bovingdon referred to earlier in this thread

count me in to for the wheelie school!

oh, a wheelie-school. thats cool…

the first time i really want to be at school again…

serious question so no peetaking here… do they have lowered bikes? would love to do a wheelie school but the ride height will prob prove to be a prob 4 me. anyone got any ideas?

helpful post veggie, thanks!

when i was doing my cbt, there a hopeless woman (she was hopeless and happened to be a woman, not because she was one before i get lynched by the fairer members of the forum )

we were doing the drills for emergency type stops and were doing the length of a tennis court - she managed to pop a small wheelie on the 125 as she pulled away, which got a cheer from me and the other couple of boys, followed by her binning it which got more of an ‘ooOOoo, that’s gonna hurt’.

apparently it had been her life long dream to get a bike, but gave up that morning…shame

pixie, im sure they will be able to sort something else may be worth getting contact with em…

**** wheelie school.

Get a friday evening free and just go and give it a go… find an industrial estate or a place where you are not going to hurt anyone else and do it… It took me about 4-5 hours and I was seeing out first gear… By the end of the month I was going all the way into fourth…

I didn’t however manage to learn how to wheelie while controling the back brake… now that is dificult and crucial aswell for a 100% slow wheelie… Also if you want to wheelie at a constant speed or really slow and twelve o’clocking too… gutted I never got there with it…

These schools will teach how to get a balance point while accelerating but with a cut off switch hanging of the back of your bike… come the real deal I have found that people cant do it with out the little pussy bar hanging out the back… and even then its pretty poor…

Keep the cash and save it for the fines you’ll get when you learn how to wheelie… oh yea and be sure you know what you are in for…

Wheelies cost me… 54 month ban / £1700 fine / and a 4month electronic tag curfew thingy…

Come racing man… thats where its at… Once you can wheely you can wheelie all day eyes closed… 1/2 asleep…

However you’ll never reach your full potential as regards to lap times… there is ALWAYS time to made up…!!!


Use your own bike and get a discounted price (if you can)

count me in folks for the wheelie school. the when and where?

Oli Twisted, before mouthing off about how crap a school is, perhaps you should have at least the slightest idea what you’re talking about…

First and foremost - Paul Gower’s school DOES NOT USE CUT-OUT SWITCHES!

This has been a public service announcement

Paul’s school certainly doesn’t, but you’d be surprised how big a bike you can handle when you try

as long as i can get one tip toe on the floor i’m happy but thats kinda how i am on the smallest of smallest bikes, not bothered about getting both feet flat etc and i guess cos your not on the road theres no issue of having to stop with your foot in a pothole cos of traffic… but i really am ickle, so its not a confidence thing, more of a basic practicality thing! or they could just build up a step for me to pull up at like my mate does with his ktm when we’re off road