stunting in london or around.does anyone knows place where i can learn stunt tricks?

hey there, im desperated to find quiet place around london where i could learn stunting, we used to have carpark close to becton but they put big skips there. if you know any quiet place, like parking or airport or ect., where possible to do tricks i dont be scared of police or traffic.
thanks for any suggestions.

Local playgrounds have got these?




could try tower bridge :smiley:

The Euston Road on a weekday morning seems to be a popular place for pulling stunts (with taxis & white vans)…?


Welcome to LB Mate :slight_smile:

There’s a few Airports around London, never tried em…I’ve herd Heathrows got long runways. Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Your not Old Bill are you ? :stuck_out_tongue:

thats for you, just make sure you wearing full protection. seems all of you are so clever… thanks for genue advice.

honestly mate… theres not many places in london (its too risky)…
unless u find an abandoned car park… should be some around in london… u just gota find it.

If you PM Terry-motto mate he knows all the stunt spots, he took me to one once;):smiley:

acctually rob is right!!! terry-moto is the man to ask!

It wasn’t me officer :slight_smile:

To be fair mate, you came on here with your 1st post asking about stunt spots, nobody knows you or who you are…your gona get those sort of replys :slight_smile:

Come to a few meets, get to know a few LB’ers…Ace on a friday night, there’s normally a few of us down there :wink:

Yes Robert only the once, when you dropped your bike we thought you was getting ready to do one of these :stuck_out_tongue:

i been i ace cafe few times, i just realised that place is good for experts,or just to watch the show. cause there is bloody busy place, all those royal mail cars, another drivers which you cannot trust. anyway ill come next friday hope ill catch u there,
thats very good begining,
have a nice day.

there is also a meet on Wednesdays at borough market :smiley:

i dont mean central london, like i see guys in usa they learning away from residetial areas, somewhere in DHL or UPS parks, industrial areas, which doesnt work on saturdays or sundays,
i already started to look with google maps but it will take few years :D:D

I was talking to a friend about wheelie experience and the fact that I was thinking about making a weekend of it and messing about learning some tight bike control. I messed about with a few short front wheel raises from the lights, but nothing proper wheelie style.

The guy I was going to use was miles out in Licolnshire and my friend said he knew a guy that did it at an airport runway.

I just emailed him for the name, but he is away for a couple of days, but when he gets back I am sure he will pass me the details and I will post them here.

Yep the Ace is way to busy…I ment so you can meet up with a few of us :wink:

Now the weathers getting a bit better, we are gona start doing the rideouts again…And sometimes we finish the night off at a stunt spot :slight_smile:

Not sure if I’ll be able to get to the Ace this friday (working late I think) but there be quite a few LB’ers there, keep your eye out in the rideout section :wink:

Probably this 1 ?’s been a few LB wheelie school days there, run a search on here and your see some pic’s & get some feed back ;)Even Curtis managed to pop it up there :smiley:

I have no problems getting it up, ur gettin on a bit now terry so soon u will be struggling :wink:

You must be a expert by now, when you comin out on a friday to play :slight_smile:

Where were you Friday just gone? Ace was packed, we were there until just gone midnight, you were no where to be seen old man :wink: