Stunt starz!!!!

NO COMMENT!!:smiley:

seen this already…

the JCB is quite awesome tho :slight_smile:

Awefull. I’d be embarased if I put on a show like that! (not that I can do any of it;))

Is this a wind-up?:smiley:

I wish it was:D!! I think the uk stunt scene just took a step back 20 years!!

Horrendous. I would turn up if she was in an orgy but she can’t ride for shit.

is this an old vid though!!! apparently she’s better now but who knows…

That video is from Santa pod, Saturday and Sunday just gone!

Nerves?!?! or just shait!!???!? Adam, Ur th eonly qualified person to actually commentate on this. PS, she got Efed up good and proper and still got up. Most girls don’t have that adrenalin!. And she doesn’t hold a thing against you, so honest answer pls :slight_smile:

Impressive, bit like a Module 1 test down your local test centre without the cones. :smiley:

TBH just shit, she is learning and fair play to her for that, but you can’t go round claiming to be a pro, the guys that win the uk comps don’t even claim to be pro!

I really gotta stop posting when I’m drunk.:smiley: hahahahahaha God I feel rough now:pinch:

I’ve watched u guys stunt. ur all pro’s. As for Chesca, I’d keep to riding by myself till I was actually ready to go public.

She’s only supplying the stunt entertainment at Brands tomorrow for the first round of BSB:w00t:
I hope she has improved:P

So how was it??:). I was gonna go today but woke up late!! Went to marwell zoo instead!:slight_smile: