Stunt Show Pictures 25/03/07

Heres pics of todays Stunt Show featuring, AWOL, AFL, 444, Ruffneck Mafia, CD Riders and others…

All photography by my partner Angel

Very impresive.

Sorry I did not make it down fella, Was a heavy ngiht on Saturday and slept in till gone three, made it up the ace to check out the GP bike but it was gone three like I say. Catch ya soon though!

quality pics mate


Where was it held???

hey Burger, no worries, I will let you know about the next one.

Thanutz, thanks I pass all credits to my girlfriend Angel.

Flight, it was at a secret off road location

If anyone wants to know about the next one, please PM me your email address or contact number, or register on our forum and I will keep you informed.

AFL will be at Ace Cafe next week:

WILD HOGS FILM LAUNCH - Wild Hogs Ride In + AFL Freestyle Stunt Team Display, Promo Girls, Film Clips, Chilli Eating Competition With a Top Prize of £500, Graffiti Artists, Bike Display & Hog Roast. The first 200 people will receive a free Hog Roast Roll & Goodies.

sorry I missed it as well! Looks like a good show.

Dont forget to catch AFL stunting at Ace Cafe on Friday, hopefully they will be joined by a CD Rider stunter, if he fixes his bike in time…