stunt footage wanted for a dvd.

just thought id let people know 444-riderz and a few friends are in the process of making a street stunt dvd to be released later this year so we want to get as much footage as possible together as were basing it more like the american dvd’s strret style and nothing like the stuff we get over here. a bit like the urban street bikes dvd’s. theres going to be about 8 to 9 chapters on the dvd hopefully all off different stunt crews / groups and then try and get a mass ride out together. were willing to travel plus to put other footage on there to so if anyones intrested please post up. cheers.

I have a fair bit of footage, from the Ace cafe, Big CC horsepower shootout and other places.

Have you ever done a dvd before? We’re doing one for our club, got 16minutes of dvd so far, took 3 hrs to edit it

Are you editing out the number plates to prevent prosectution?

im not doing the editing cus i suck at doing that sort of stuff. a im just helping one of the crew members with does take a long time thow. have you seen the clips he done from the ace and our ride out.

I would be more than happy to do some filming for the Awol boys ghostie just tell me a time and a place. Only problem is me camera is a little old and records on to Hi8 tapes :0(

I have an old Samsung 8mm and a new Goodmans DV. I prefer using the Samsung, records well at night

I have a Dazzle 80 video capture device.

A few of us came down to Streetfighter Sunday, and headed somewhere a bit quieter when the plod were around. The guys got up some stunts (wheelies, stoppies burnouts etc) while I filmed. Not as good as you professionals, but my filming and editing are here : (45.2mb)

Silver! Didn’t see you there, but it was a bit hard to see who was who. Love the video! DRZ man makes me laugh, I like his bike, seen it down at the Ace a few times but never got up close to it, he always rides off! I haven’t even been down the roads near the Ace, looks like you found a nice area!

Hi Jay. Got to the Ace around 1pm and it was heaving! Tried to fight our way through the crowds to see the stunts in the carpark but it was impossible without getting an elbow or arm in your face every five seconds. No-one was doing anything in the road so we nipped off to a road where one of us works (nice and desserted!). Didn’t end up with the time to come back to the Ace as I had to get home.

The Yamaha looks nice and sounds better! Good job he didn’t get stopped on the way home… the back tyre was ever so slightly scrubbed away!