Stunt bikes

Morning all, been a while, I’m looki g for a stunter, not going to spend loads. Will probably wreck it anyway, just a cheapie learner bike…where is ally when you need her(smiled recommendation )

Believe this is still for sale!

You can get a ZX6R G model or older cbr 600 stunt bikes for about £1000 for a good one anything under and is piece of ****

Possibly CB500 aswel

My fireblade stunt bike sold at weekend and was picked up today

I am currently building my F4I stunt bike which is costing me a small fortune

just waiting for parts at present your problem would not be getting the bike would be finding somewhere to practice…

if you want something decent get a f4i or 636 but that will cost quite abit more…

all depend on what you wanting to do

Ally dosent stunt any more as far as i am aware but could be wrong

If you need any help drop us a PM

CBR600Fs are sought after because apparently they crash well. I like the shape though so seems a shame to hack it up.

the frames are good and can take a beating and engines can take the abuse

where as 636 needs to be welded reinforced or snap also gixers aswel as far as i am aware

Have got my cbr600 f-sport in the garage if anyone’s interested, it a cat d (panel damage but got replacements, and slight dent in the tank). Need to get her started as she’s sat for a year now, but well looked after with ss downpipes, high level scorpion can and regularly serviced by ralph @ SBK. PM me if interested as I’ll either sell or track it this year.