Stumbled across this vid about chain lubes

It made me feel better about not cleaning my chain last weekend but was interesting viewing.

Warning: Fairly annoying guy presenting.

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Regular cleaning with paraffin (the main ingredient of WD40) applied by soft brush and lubrication with fresh engine oil (left over from last oil change) applied with another soft brush and wiped down with an oily rag to reduce but not eliminate fling.

Sounds like a load of fun!! I don’t think! Between August 1991 and December 2017 I rode 380,000 miles on three bikes, all with shaft drive. One Yam XJ900F and two Pan Europeans 1300s. In that time I had zero problems with the final drive and total maintenence was changing the final drive oil at the specified intervals.
Why do people bother with chains?

Because them the bikes we like :smile:

Because shaft drive’s heavier, and especially as unsprung mass, so where easy maintenance isn’t paramount, or light-weight and/or performance is, a belt or a chain makes for a better final drive.

I suspect belts are only not-yet-popular for the same reason so many people spent so long thinking a fast touring bike needed clip-ons.