Studying Abroad!

My name is Eric. I am a student coming to study abroad in September until December and am most excited about seeing a lot of bikes in London. More than anything I want to have a chance to ride as well as meet some fellow enthusiasts while I am there. I will be living in South Kensington for the entire semester. Anyone looking for someone to ride one of their bikes with them? :wink: or how about just renting it out to me so I can get my license and be able to ride a bit. I love meeting new people and don’t want to do all of that BS tourist stuff that most Americans come to do. I would much rather get to know the culture and think it would be amazing to start in the biker community. I look forward to meeting some of you in the near future! I know I could use a bit of teaching about true motorbiking. It just isn’t the same in the U.S… I look forward to being lucky enough to meet some of you in the near future! If you don’t have a bike to share I really don’t care. You can never talk about your baby too much anyways. :slight_smile:


South Ken you posh git :smiley:

Hi welcome to LB:D

As if I had a choice. That seems to be the last place I would want to live.

Welcime Eric To LB be good to see you

I think your US motorcycle licence should be valid for use in the UK but check here

We have a different system over here for insuring/taxing/owning a vehicle etc…

Seeing as you’re here for four months it might be worth buying a bike if you can afford it (
There are loads of bikes for sale in London. When/if you buy one it will already be ‘plated’, you just need to fill in a form to transfer ownership.
Get a bike with tax and mot until jan 2012 and all you’ll have to worry about is insurance, you can get a month by month policy but insuring a bike in london is bloody pricey

Give us a shout when you’re about!

US License is valid for a year but not transferrable after that

Welcome to LB!: :smiley:

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi Eric, are you going to Imperial? I did four years there - what hall are you in?

I am actually studying through the federation for international education. I don’t believe it is a school that students from London would study at. I think they only teach students who are coming from other schools.