students going mental in London

What a small bunch of immature knobs.

Most seemed ok and then some were just there for the ride. Their point has now been quashed by the stupid behaviour.

Who’s for a £1 pint in weatherspoons?

:D:D Best comment so far MD:)

hopefully they start doing a conga every wednesday morning round westminister

And of course the Students Union should get a HUGE bill to repair the damage caused at Millbank.

The solution is really simple. Sarge call in the Febreze cannon…

No offence mate but think before you post. The reason the police didnt steam in there is because there was a massive shortage of officers. When they going round hitting people with batons, and cs gasing them, they will feel the force of 15 fists/ boots.Tbh, I think that they targeted the right building for once. However attacking police is unacceptable. They dont make the policies / law.If you all had to pay 9k a year tuition fees, your opinions would be totally different.

Well, to be fair they didn’t steam in because lessons were learned following G20. It’s got nothing to do with a shortage of officers… Unless intelligence suggests otherwise the Police will work on the basis that a protestors will conduct themselves in a lawful manner.

In the case of this protest it would seem that the NUS worked with Police to organise the protest and based on those discussions there would appear to have been no apparent reason to believe that there would be disorder.

Those persons who chose to commit acts of violence and criminal damage most probably weren’t even affiliated to the NUS. There are individuals who consider this sort of disorderly conduct an integral part of an anarchic lifestyle.

Its ridiculous.

Stupid students!
Watching how these students are acting is vile, smashing windows, hitting police and behaving like yobs.

Thats really going to get the torys to back down on their Policy.
Just to **** them off they should keep the rise and tell them that they need the money to fix the damage!

I dont get why they are complaining, as they have just said on the news, it wont effect the current students anyway… just the students after.

You wont be saying this in 10 years time when there is a shortage of nurses/doctors/dentists/paramedic etc.

Tuition fees are being doubled at least. You wouldnt be singing from the same sheet, if income tax was doubled.

They are complaining because the cost of studying is going to prevent a huge number of people from getting a better education. Education is a right, not a priviledge and they are right to protest.

Plus if the tories think £21,000 is a ‘well-paid job’ in London, they must be living in lala land…

Finally, just because something doesn’t affect me personally doesn’t mean that I am not going to protest against it. We are so individualistic in this country and we couldn’t give a toss about what is happening to our next door neighbour… ‘as long as I’m ok, everything is fine’. But if you use that argument, when I’m not ok, no one is going to help out.

Society is only as strong as it’s weakest link and it’s about time we try to remember that…

shortage of officers, thats completely bullsheeeeet.

Send the paras in, students would be chucked at the police then, not Fire extinguishers…:smiley:

Yes, its not much but as a couple earning the same, you can still live a normal life without living in a gutter.

A degree when I was a child was a very tough qualification to get, you really had to work hard at it but now, you can get a degree without as much effort.

Raise the prices and the interest on loans, my brother is 28 and left Uni 7 years ago, hes paying like £5 a week back…

Students are like hippys, whinging biatches.

Jewell (10/11/2010)

shortage of officers, thats completely bullsheeeeet.220 police, 40, 000 students.

£5 a week is £20 a month. Basically double what I pay for my mobile tariff… It is a smallish drain but still a drain. Your brother also left before these huge increases kicked in so it’s likely that the amount will be higher.

And again I don’t see why I should be put at a disadvantage when rich kids can just pay without even thinking about it.

The fact that it is now easier to get a degree is irrelevant - employers are able to discriminate if you’ve finished at Oxford or Lutton. Only grades should decide which uni you go to, not how much you earn. 50 years ago it was very difficult to finish school. Surely it’s a good idea that more people now do so. An educated society is a much better society and more likely to progress.


**"peaceful protests dont work and violent protests dont work

what do you guys think will work?"**

Well, Che Guevara, or was it Rene Dupres, reckoned “the only political power was from the end of a gun”. Might work but I don’t think I’d want to see that.

Then very peaceful mass protests have worked in Eastern Europe. But they do have to be truly huge mass protests.

The French give us constant reminders of the power of striking en mass.

But this is England and with the establishment firmly entrenched, a government supported by them and supporting them and a generally grey amorphous work force, disenchanted by politics…

Sod all will work.

Che Guevara was fighting in different circumstances but I can definitely see that violence can work on occasions to shock government into realising that people are angry.

An example of this in Europe were the riots in December '08 in Greece against a corrupt government+police force (fuelled by the shooting of 15 year old A. Grigoropoulos) which actually did bring about some change as people were fed up with this situation.

Personally I don’t see what the big drama was all about… A few windows were broken and a couple of bruises and bloody noses happened. Yawn… I’m off to bed :slight_smile:

ApriliaSX (10/11/2010)

But if they wanted a 1000 officers there, they could easily do that within a few hours.

Fair play to them, it’s about time someone stood up to the government’s actions, we can’t all continue to be pushed around all the time. I’m very impressed some people have chosen to take a stand against this recent upsurge of tyranny.

Did make me laugh though a girl saying she wanted to study “English Lit” at university and was upset by the increase in fees. Personally I think people wanting to study things like fine art and literature should pay from their own pocket. I think an educated work force is a must but a pointlessly educated group of people is waste of money. You don’t need a degree to show the world you’ve read “A dolls House” and understand the social commentary and changes of the female role, that’s what book clubs and night school are for.

Rode past there on the way back from Borough coppers everywhere still, the place was pretty F*cked up from what I could see of it…

pffffffffft…sorry jewell…smiled.