students going mental in London

Anyone watching the news the students are revolting up the revolution!!!

the millbank tower is wrecked

I ******* hate students!!


that’s what youth is for… :slight_smile:

Good on em

Are you condoning the violence ?

The minority who have turned this lawful, peaceful protest into this seriously out of order violent debacle are the same crusty, lefty anarchists that you will find at every protest. They don’t care about a cause, they just turn up to throw things at police and wreck buildings. Later in the evening they will more than likely go back to there smelly little lentil filled squats and revel in the delight they get from “giving it to the man”… :doze:

Personally I hope that the footage from today puts as many of them behind bars as possible, and that the idiots who were dropping fire extinguishers onto police from the roof are charged with attempted murder! They’re just normal people doing a ****’ job! Just because they wear a unform does not mean they should have to put up with being a target! These men and women have families! :angry:

In fact, if I had my way, I’d send in the water cannons and ban anyone using violence from ever being given a student loan! :satisfied:

They will all be going home soon those pot noodles wont make themselves

ooh i want a pot noodle now…

Its a joke the old bill dont do **** all scared they will get sued for some ****, they should be allowed to steam in there and sort it out 4 hours later and they are still in the building and hanging about outside while the old bill watch and get fire extinguishers thrown off the roof at them, Break the law feel the full force of the law and its actions even if they aint aint allowed to baton up and get in there, get the tear gas out or at least a water cannon they will soon **** off when they are freezing and soaked…

Thats why this country is so **** there are no repercussions for any actions the most the coppers can do is watch or video to hopefully identify indivduals later, what a load of ****!!

Retweet from Viz Top Tips: DAVID Cameron. Whilst in China enquire as to how best to deal with student protests. /via @robertnewsome

theyll all be kicked out of their courses, ironic considering what they were protesting for.

as for the fees, it is an insane about, but ive got my degree, so i cant say im too bothered by it :smiley:

The problem is that the officers on scene are probably itching to get stuck in, but are under orders to contain and identify the leaders of the trouble. Eventually they will be brought before the courts for the various offences, but without escalating the situation into a full scale riot like the G20 protests. ;)I agree though, they should be rolling out the water cannons and CS! Let people know that it won’t be tolerated! :cool:

all the police need is a bar of soap and a Flannel then storm the building:D

They should get less money to go towards their uni fees as they will have to pay for the damage they did, what a load of tossers.

I nominate this for the best thread title of the year…

Haven’t seen the footage yet so won’t comment other than to say it was entirely predictable given past student protests.

still though, its easy for everyone sitting on here typing away complaining about whats happening in the country, at least there are some willing to do something about it… (the protesting im referring to, not the rioting)

My youngest will be affected by the mahoosive fee rise next year when he goes to uni and wanted to join the demos today but couldn’t get out of school. Not a good situation and hopefully the PROTESTING will come to something positive. Q

Funny isnt it. If it had been a dark wet morning, I dont thing much would of happened.

You average anarchist doesnt like the wet and cold.

peaceful protests dont work and violent protests dont work

what do you guys think will work?