Stubby Exhaust & LB Sticker Mod

Finally I got around to fitting my new stubby exhaust, and the most important modification, putting the sticker on. What do you guys think?

its not on straight…:smiley:

It wasn’t printed straight!

Nice bike!

Who are Londonb though? :slight_smile:

he’s referring to the exhaust :Whistling:

nice one… nice kwak.

Looking slick bet the exhaust sounds nice:)

Looks goood ! Get a sample of the exhaust on youtube !

Exhaust looks too stubby for me.

i actually think exhausts add a look to a bike, be it good or bad and i dont think that suits that bike.

That looks sweet, bet it sounds wicked :smiley:

I’d have put the side bolts on the garage door closer to the bottom edge:cool:

That’s not my garage, and I’m not telling which one is mine either! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does sounds the dogs dangles, I’ll try and get a video clip of it this weekend.