Struggling to get insured this year after theft........

So - IM struggling to get my Ducati insured this year after the theft of my HP4 back in Feb last year. Turns out Equity Red Star have pulled out the London market after loosing 2mil last year in London alone and a number of other insurers are not keen to insure my bike. I should point out it is possible if i have a private garage but even then I’m looking at over 3k a year… last year the year after the theft i paid £1200 fully comp so its a little frustrating to say the least.

TBH im sick of the whole situation and thought about giving up riding on the road completely… its really shit to be punished so hard when in reality the fucking police did nothing about it.

BUT i want your help.

I want a bike that’s fun, can do some longer trips but will be enjoyable on the Sunday morning run… oh and that i can get insured on for less than about £1200. To give you an idea a New GS adventure comes in at that price and a KTM 990 which i have a soft spot for also come in at £900. A S1000RR however come in at 2.5k.

Is there anything else i should look at before going to the Adventure bikes for a couple of years??

Have you called Principal Insurance? They gave me a really competitive quote this year.


KTM Dave is looking to sell his 990 adventure shortly, just saying

have you looked at the BMW XR1000

They float my boat

Speed Triple?


Hire a garage outside of London??

Mate - you tried MCE or JMI?

have you looked at the BMW XR1000

They float my boat

My boat is well floated man, Rixxy get your arse on one for a demo 

Get trade insurance have as many bikes and vehicles as you want :blush:

How about the MT-10?

KTM 1050? Although coming from the bikes you are used to…you gonna have to give up something, I think

Try bike sure, Carole Nash were going to charge me more than double.
I managed to get a really good price. I nearly gave up after what I was quoted.


How about an older model sports bike, like an R1 or ZX-10R from about 2007 to 2009? I would think that they are less desirable to a thief, and combined with their lower value, would be disproportionately cheaper to insure.

That’s mental!!
Hiring a garage is counter intuitive as the cost over a year will be more than the insurance saving.
You could always park it in my garage and I will happily bring it to you of a weekend :slight_smile:

..a bike that's fun, can do some longer trips but will be enjoyable on the Sunday morning run.......  rixxy
 KTM 1290 SDR or KTM 1290 Super Duke GT? 

BMW S1000R or KTM 1290 Super Duke.