Struggling to fit into your leathers....?

I have 3 boxes of Diet Chef ready meals/snacks/shakes etc. here that’s just taking up space, think it’s a months supply?

I tried it for 3 days. They were the most miserable 3 days of my life.

If anyone wants it let me know, ideally can you pick it up tonight (I’m moving out and need to start sorting my room out)

Thought I’ld see if anyone on here wants it before I stick it all on Freecycle.



Wow… have you ever considered working in sales… cos I wouldn’t if I were you… :wink:

i love your sense of humour, really makes me do this >> :smiley: funny karleigh

Ha, well it worked because someone’s taking it off my hands :w00t:

So… rideout to krispy creme then?? Mmmmm i’ll have half dozen raspberry glazed one dribble :rolleyes: