Stripey's South-London Bimble and Brunch

I have, for a while now, hoped someone would post a ride out similar to the one below:
Weekend start at 9.00am at the tea hut or other south london locationride south, do some twisty’sride back to oakdene for olympic breakfast (or bacon sarnie for those on a diet)feel free to leave at this point, go off again or be guided back to blackheath for lunchtime.

Essentially a light weekend freshener, breakfast and back for those who have other commitments/work/families/DIY projects to get on with.

I don’t have sat nav so the route so far is the result of me getting lost in the search for some good roads not too far from my house.

The route is A21 to bromley, turn right down A233 past Biggin Hill to Westerham.

Goodlystock Road off the A25, turn left onto the B269, follow B2027 (past Bough Beech) to Tonbridge.

A26 and then up seven mile lane up to Wrotham heath and then to Oaksdene.

My ask from the good and not so good assembled masses is:
if I manned up and actually posted one, would anyone be up for it (its only 60-70 miles)?can anyone with better knowledge of the area recommend alterations or an extension (I would rather it was closer to 100 miles)?

Thnaks :smiley:

Westerham is cracking at 80+

It was pretty dull at 25mph on sunday, the B2027 was decent enough though.

There must be someone with good knowledge of wotrthwhile twistes in Kent and east sussex…

I would be up for this.

id be up for that, i live 5mins from a21!

This sounds like an excellent plan to me…,0.0039328+to:Croydon+Rd%2FB2024&hl=en&ll=51.302716,0.040855&spn=0.121705,0.338173&sll=51.298745,0.020342&sspn=0.030429,0.084543&geocode=FbOPDwMdD27__w%3BFQriDgMdXA8AACnBaMBAf1XfRzH09DokMyZZWQ%3BFeZIDgMdQg0BAA&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=14&via=1&t=m&z=12

This is a good section of road , possibly on your route.

Good stuff, that’s enough interest for me to get on with it.

Thanks for the route suggestions … Any more good roads just south of the M25?