Stretching a pair of motorcycle boots?

Hi all,

I have been bought a pair of Dainese Nighthawk short boots by my wife, she used the size I have for a different pair of Dainese boots.
They are a bit tight, particularly the left one- and after an hour my left foot in numb.
Can I safely use a boot stretcher on these?
Any tips for getting a bit more width from the boots?

Unfortunately they were bought out of the country so I can’t simply return them.


Cut yer toenails, wear them round the house as often as poss with thin socks on & hope for the best :slight_smile:

I had the same problem with my pair but they give up in the end. Worst case scenario, submerge them on hot water while you wear them (you will get to test how waterproof they are too)

Fill with newspaper and pop them in the freezer for 24hours.

no hot water!

I have used stretchers on a pair of Sidi boots with success. The trick is to stretch in increments. Don’t try it all at once.

Thanks folks- I’ll start with the stretchers and then try other methods if they don’t work.
It is only a mm or two that I need I reckon and only on the left boot.

Stretch em. Rack em, torture them slowly! Seriously, also use some dubbin if they are leather, soften them up and get them supple.

Took them to a bootmaker and spoke to Dainese- looks like they won’t stretch because of the design.
Will pop them up for sale and go one size up.